I'm traveling through san francisco on hwy 101 looking for a safe town to stay in about an hour or two out?

I'm traveling from the redwood national park through san francisco down hwy 101 I am just with my boyfriend so safety is a must. I'm looking for a safe town from 1-3 hours away. Any suggestions?

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    Your question implies that you are southbound.

    There is nothing 'unsafe' about San Francisco, but to be honest, finding a place to stay in San Francisco in the immediate vicinity of the 101 could be daunting.

    My suggestion is to start looking when you get to San Francisco Airport. The cities south of San Francisco are all reasonably safe, and its relatively easy to get off the 101 to find a place to stay, and then find your way back on again.

    My wife and I have stayed at Holiday Inn Express in San Mateo, Redwood City, Mountain View and San Jose and all have been comfortable and reasonably priced. And they were close enough to San Francisco that we were able to get back into the city for sightseeing.

    You might also consider some of the places north of the city. Santa Rosa is a good place to stop - it's convenient to both Sonoma and Napa for wineries. You could also look further down in Marin County - Mill Valley, Tiburon or Sausalito - but my sense is that they are more suburban residential communities and less oriented toward tourism, so finding a place to stay could be more difficult.

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    Why are you worried about safety? Are you under 21? The whole area is safe but I wouldn't stop in Santa Rosa. If you are on 101 going south you can stop in Rohnert Park which is 1 1/4 hrs from San Francisco. Take Rohnert Park Xpressway exit, turn left, and there is a Motel 6 right there off the fwy. exit with some fast food joints next door. Go across the freeway, first street, turn left and you will find a Best Western.

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    I don't know what your budget is,but the historic Hotel La Rose in Santa Rosa is a wonderful place to stay. Prices are from about $120+


    Also check reviews on Trip Advisor.

    Its in historic Railroad Square


    and there are a bunch of cool shops,antique stores and restaurants.Its also a short walk to downtown.There are two other modern hotels in the same area,the Courtyard Marriott and the Vineyard Hyatt which has a cool sculpture garden but I think they may be a tiny bit pricier.

    I have no Idea why Flower keeps dissing Santa Rosa.Its a wonderful town.There are cheaper hotels here,but not in the best areas.Rohnert Park hotels are almost all run down and its a nondescript planned community with nothing much of interest except that its close to Santa Rosa. Healdsburg is also a cool town,but I'm not as familiar with the Hotels and prices.

    Source(s): Lived in Sonoma County for 34 years.
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    Anywhere in Sonoma or Marin Counties will be fine. If you're looking for about an hour out of SF, then just go into Santa Rosa - it's a city, not that big, but safe and quiet. Rohnert Park is on the outskirts of Santa Rosa and there are hotels along the freeway.

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