Can saturated steam be reheated to have superheated steam far from the boiler?

It's for homework but I have this doubt:

In a steam system, I have some processes which use saturated steam, and others which use superheated steam. I'm thinking about three possibilities:

-Make the boiler supply superheated steam at 400F at 136 psia (the process needs it at 120 psia) and then assume that the heat lost during the transfer to the processes will lower the temperature to the sat temp which is 351 F at 136 psia.

-Supply saturated steam at 351 F at 136 psia and then have a reheater (heat exchanger) that heats the steam up to 400 F before entering the process and use a pressure regulator to lower the pressure to 120 psia.

-Create enough pressure loss before entering the process so that by the ideal gas law the pressure loss will help me raise the temperature (still have to make the calculations to see if this is a possible option).

But can saturated heat be superheated at a heat source far from the boiler?

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    Yes it can. Depending on the local legal requirements the device that does this may or may not be considered a boiler and therefore may or may not require supervision during operation. In most places a reheater is not a boiler since there is no change of state of the water.

    Remember it is all about the BTU's so you need to see which process uses the least energy. You also need to determine if superheated steam is really required or not. Superheated steam is usually only required for certain power usages but even steam turbines can be operated on saturated steam.

  • 10 years ago

    The quick answer is yes you can but it is not often done. This is due to having an operator present at a remote location other than the steam generator. Might be time to consider an electric motor.

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    Superheated steam has extra power accessible for warmth pass, and has a miles better warmth pass coefficient, so its use in warmth pass equipment including in reboilers facilitates using fewer and smaller diameter tubes, and a smaller decrease priced piece of equipment standard. It additionally demands smaller diameter transport piping structures.

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