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Do you think Leslie Van Houten should be paroled?

I think she should be granted parole, after all she was also a victim of Manson's diabolical sick schemes as she was drugged and brain washed by his psychopathic thinking. She has also proven herself to be an honorable person while in prison.


Doc Bill, good idea

Update 2:

Tom, yes she would be a good addition to the neighborhood.

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    Someone asked me this in a conversation the last time she was up for parole.

    I have mixed feelings about it. She was convicted of murder, even if she was just an accessory. It's been a long time since I read "Helter Skelter", but it seems like she helped subdue Mrs. LaBianca so Patricia Krenwinkle could stab her. I know Van Houten also stabbed her (among other things, it says so in your link), and while she says she stabbed a dead body, how do we know Mrs. LaBianca was really dead then? I know she stepped out of the room while Watson and Krenwinkle were doing their thing, but she'd helped them get ready to kill the woman, and at the very least, she desecrated a body.

    The fact is, she went into that house intending to commit murder. While she *was* one of Manson's disciples, she was also the one to which he paid the least attention, so she felt the need to prove herself and her loyalty to him. Like all the Manson girls, she'd had a solid middle-class upbringing, but she also had problems at home. And yes, she did drugs like crazy. LSD makes you more susceptible to suggestion, which is why they sometimes use hallucinogenics while torturing people.

    Of all the Manson family, I think she's the one who has done the most to try and make up for what she did. She's also shown real remorse. She was a pain during the trial, but she was still heavily under the influence of Manson at the time.

    I've been thinking as I've been typing, and there's one point I'm sticking at. She was sentenced to be executed. I don't agree with capital punishment. However, she got a pass when it was outlawed in California, because once it became legal again, they couldn't reinstate that. She was re-tried again after that, and sentenced to life in prison. That means she already got lucky once, in a way.

    I guess, in thinking about it, that I don't think she'd be of any harm to anyone if she were paroled. A lot of actual killers have been paroled in California after serving less time than she has. But I highly doubt she will be. The Manson case was so sensational that I doubt anyone will ever win their freedom. I do believe people can change, and be rehabilitated. A lot of what she did had to do with her youth, and the control Manson exerted over everyone, and the drugs. I do believe she's a changed woman now. But she'll always be associated with one of the worst crimes in California history. Ironically, she didn't have anything to do with the Tate murders, but no one looks at that--they get lumped together with the LaBiancas. It's always referred to as the Tate-LaBianca murders. So I doubt she'll be paroled, even if she deserves it.

    And to answer if I think she *should* be...I believe life sentences should be carried out and served, because I don't agree with executions. If I said she should be, it would go against what I want most, which is that true life sentences replace executions in the US. The only way for that to ever come about is if they stop granting parole to people who have been sentenced for life. So no, I don't think she should be paroled. But I won't freak out if she should be, by some odd twist of fate.

    Source(s): I've read "Helter Skelter" and am familiar with the crimes
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    Van Houten was a bored, 19-year-old homecoming queen who was looking for a new adventure. She found the Manson Family.

    She helped kill Rosemary LaBianca to gain "approval" from them. Rosemary screamed "Stop stabbing! I'm already dead!" But they kept stabbing.

    How many 19-year-olds get bored and try drugs and new things? Lots of them. How many team up with a cult to commit ritualistic murders? Very few.

    To keep her in prison would not only be kind to the Manson victims' familes; it would also be kinder to her. On the outside, she would live in fe

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    Most of Manson's followers haven't "followed" him for decades. I highly doubt that she remains a threat to the public, but she should continue to serve her life sentence...she should have thought about prison rather than contributing to the murders at the Tate house. So no, I don't think she should be out on parole.

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    Yes, sparks, I do. She doesn't appear to be a threat to society, and society will save money by not having to house/feed her anymore. Charlie stays in until he rots - he's evil - but she can go.

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    Maybe she should be released to a half way house in your neighborhood.

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    I don't think she should. Her crimes are vicious and heinous. If that isn't a threat to society I don't know what is.

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    Yes - and sent to live with you.

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