How should I purchase an extended warranty for laptop?

I am about to purchase a Dell laptop from It has a 1 year warranty with no options of an extended warranty. I've heard to never buy an extended warranty from Walmart anyway.

Where would be a good place to buy an extended warranty from? Square Trade? Any suggestions?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    I got nothing bad to say about their extended warranty, but I've not heard good things either.

    Typically the Manufacturer warranty (the one year one you're talking about) does not cover accidental damage - which is the most common damage with a portable electronics like a notebook and extended warranty is well worth the money. Be sure to do your homework and know what the market price is for a warranty.

    Standard Coverage (everything that the Manufacture Warranty covers)

    3 Year Coverage sales price under $1000 -- $74.99

    Diamond Service (covers accidental damage coverage).

    3 Year Coverage sale price under $1000 -- $159.99

    3 Year Coverage sale price under $2000 -- $233.99

    When you compare the price of an extended warranty (especially the accidental damage coverage) and weight it against the price of the laptop it's a very good thing to have. Also be sure to find out if the big box stores EWs that cover water damage! (If you plan on having your laptop pool side while you work this summer, make sure it's covered.)

    Source(s): I'm the Extended Warranty Specialist at
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