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Promotion from pv2 to PFC army?

I am at almost 6 months service I came in as a PV2. Will I get promoted to PFC at 6 months or does it take 1 year?

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    It takes 1 year to get promoted to PFC. But in curtain circumstances you can get a waiver after 8 months. It all depends on your chain of command

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    you're think to get promoted after 6 months so a techniques as i comprehend. yet i comprehend a pair people who're 10 months in or so and nonetheless have not been promoted. So if 6 months passes and no promoting i recommend asserting some thing

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    I went from e-1 to e-3 in about 8 months. Not sure how I just would notice it on my LES and so my unit was like "okay whatever" and through a patch at me.

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