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BP Gulf of Mexico oil spill?

I was just wondering if it's still going on, as I haven't read/heard any updates for the last few days and for some reason it seems to have dropped out of the news loops. My guess is that oil is still pouring into the Gulf, but I just wanted to be sure. Cheers

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    this is going to make a lot of losers into rich ,successful winners as they will deliberately close down their loss making businesses stating its because of the oil spill that's put off customers( small hotel's,fishing companies, sea food restaurants etc)

    all they need to do is find a 'good' accountant to cook the books - making sure that the customer base was FAR larger BEFORE the spill and then after - a dramatic drop - in 'some' cases this would be true BUT BP are aware of false claims they are receiving right now from opportunistic people...

    btw ,exactly the same thing happened in Britain during the foot and mouth crisis a few years ago,certain farmers took advantage of the situation and bought infected lambs at £2000 each to contaminate their own livestock,that's why it spread throughout the U.K. so swiftly,many struggling farmer's before became millionaire's after using this tactic as the government paid out ££££££££ in compensation.....

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    i don't blame him quickly, anymore than I blame the CEO of BP. that doesn't make the two of them much less culpable. Obama has an obligation to this u . s . a . and has failed miserably because of the fact the inception. He had to get in this oil component in the present day-not wait 60 days. He could have in the present day had each and all the MMS documents from BP seized and examined. there are maximum of issues that he sat there scratching his head approximately that had to be acted upon. As for the CEO-same component. it is his employer and he had to appreciate the flair possibility. there is not any excuse for being out of the loop on that one.

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    Sure is. And nobody can really do anything about it for a week or so because of the tropical storms. They have this huge skimmer out there, though, to process the water and clear the oil from it.

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    Tar balls have been found on the beahes of eastern Texas, making it the last of the five gulf states to end up with tar balls.

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  • CNN anderson cooper 360 has excellent coverage at night. he gets the real story from locals. not white house lies .

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