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I want to learn a language within 6 months. Which language?

I want to learn another language but this time I want to learn it within 6 months. Which language should I learn? Something easy to learn please!

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    you should learn a language that appeals to you or the language of a country youre interested in! or choose one thats useful like spanish, french, or german. you could also learn chinese or japanese but they are much more complex :)

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    It depends why you want to learn it, and what country you live in. If you live in America, it's best to learn either Spanish or Chinese, since those groups are populating America now (at least where I live; there are a lot of hispanics and chinese people). Or something more exotic like French.

    Spanish is really simple to learn, that's why they install a Spanish class in most schools. If you just want to learn another language for fun, I'd recommend Spanish, as it is very useful if you are in America and also really easy to learn!

    Hope you find what you need.

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    Any language will be hard and I don't really believe that any language will be easier than another. I really believe you should learn Japanese. There is so much culture and plain fun in not only learning but being opened to a new way of life so to speak. From there you can become involved in programs such as JET or the JLPT (Japanese Language Proficiency Test) I really hope you have fun learning a new language because that is the only way you will force yourself to stick with it when times get tough! . :) Thanks for reading.

    Source(s): Experience! :)
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    I think French or Spanish is the easiest to learn, I'm fluent in both. I like French the most though.

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    German is a pretty easy langauge to learn. at least it was for me. some of the words can be hard to pronouce though. but after awhile it gets easy

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    i dare you to learn armenian or russian :)

    its difficult at first but super easy when you get the hang of it

    i went to armenia for 3 months for some runway shows and modeling and learned fluent armenian

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    i learned at school that korean language is very very easy that the illiteracy there is zero,so try learning it

    Source(s): middle school social study textbook ^^;
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    C++ is pretty simple to learn and good to know

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    java language,it will useful for you after

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    French, spanish, o ritallian....

    Good luck!

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