I burnt three of my fingers....?

My flat iron was on 480, I have already but aloe vera and ran cool-ish water. Is there anyting I can put on it to get rid of the plain? It hasn't blisted yet, but it might soon.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    you need to run it under cold tap water for 20 mins. Then get some plastic sandwich wrap and firmly wrap it around your hand. The reason a burn hurts is because the nerve endings are injured. If you prevent air from getting to your skin, the nerve endings won't feel pain. Make sure the seal is so that no air can get to your burn. BUT YOU MUST RUN IT UNDER TAP WATER FOR 20 MINS FIRST.

  • 4 years ago

    Now they propose to not use ice on a burn. i grew to become into burned as a baby and my ft had third degree burns on them, and ice grew to become into used too. they say that ice makes burns pass deeper. (i'm undecided a pair of chemical burn) The suggestion is to apply cool water, not chilly, not warm. i could touch your physician to ascertain in case you will be able to desire to get some cream with silver in it. this is totally cooling and healing to a burn. you apart from mght choose the injuries to breath, stay away from popular bandaids. try getting a dressing out of your pharmacy that wont persist with wounds (ask the drugstore for help, not all the dressings will permit the wound breath), and a few paper tape rather of a straight forward bandaid. this is going to save the germs out whilst allowing oxygen to the section so it could heal. no less than, get a textile bandaid. I dont mean to step on anyones ft yet in no way, in no way, in no way take a needle and dad the blisters. you will be able to desire to get infections, undesirable infections. in basic terms a doctor might desire to try this. i'm a nurse and nurses at the instant are not even allowed to try this. There are very undesirable germs obtainable that are very hard to kill, and a lighter won't get a needle warm adequate to sterilize it. the floor has germs on it too, and that's in no way okay to try this to your self. Our u . s . a . is very almost at epidemic point of MRSA (a resistant tension of team an infection that infects wounds) and it could get very undesirable. human beings finally end up on antibiotics for a very long term. you're a service of this micro organism and not even know it.

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    Manuka honey from New Zealand that has an activity of +15 will ease the pain. It has been approved by the FDA for wound and burn care and does repair damaged skin.

  • 1 decade ago

    well don't worry...you still have the other two =)

    oh and btw any medicine that removes oxygen from the burn will get rid of pain. i forget the names though.

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