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我本netbook Eee Pc本來是window xp s2, 最近借給了一個外國人用的時候,朋友改裝了Linux mint英文版,現在嘗試改裝番window xp s2[原裝版], 我用外置DVD盤安裝時無法自動安裝!!!我又嘗試進入BIOS, 選擇使用DVD起動程式都沒有回應!!!!怎麼辦????

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    You are stuck 'cause netbooks sacrifice DVD drive for limited size and weight. You should realize this drawback before purchase.

    The only way to remedy the situation is to make a bootable USB (thumb drive) then copy your legal Windows into it. When ready, change your BIOS boot sequence to USB as the first priority then reboot. If everything is made correctly, it will install Windows just like an ISO-CD but a lot faster.

    Follow these easy steps:


    Download WinToFlash utility program from

    Novicorp and extract files to a [Temp] folder. Insert Windows CD and USB.


    Open [Temp] folder and click WinToFlash.exe. Look inside WinToFlash window to confirm both CD and USB exist then start.


    Program will automatically copy all Windows

    files to USB and make it bootable when finished.

    4. Don't forget your Windows serial.

    I've made a few working thumb drives this way even though I don't needthem yet. All running like a dream. There is even a program calledMultiBootIso that holds multiple ISO programs in larger thumb drive (e.g. 16Gb) for all-in-one convenience. Good luck.

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