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想問下如果用英文說出 : 1/100

應該用下面那一個表達方式比較好 or 兩者皆不對? 謝謝!

1.0 one diving by 100

2.0 diving one by 100

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    man chun: 1/100( one over one hundred)可以解釋為:

    1) 1 diveded by 100( one divided by a(或用one) hundred.

    2) dividing 1 by 100( dividiny one by a(或用one)hundred.

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    in USA, 1/100 usually express in such;

    one over one hundred, or

    one divided by one hundred, or

    one of one hundredth.

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    We use x divided by y to express in primary school.

    We use x over y to express in sencondary school.

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    最正統 : one divided by one hundred

    簡單 : one over one hundred

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