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我愛黑澀棒棒堂 2010-06-29 男女對抗賽的歌




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    第一首 :

    歌手:Britney Spears

    歌名: Showdown

    專輯:In the Zone



    歌詞:Britney Spears - Showdown

    第二首 :

    歌手:After School



    뱅(Bang) !

    애프터스쿨(After School)

    * T.R.Y. Do it now! Can you follow me? Yes!! Uh~ha~!!

    T.R.Y. Pick it up! You’ll never catch me!! Oh~ No!!

    跟著綻放著光芒的我 Oh! Oh! Oh!

    嘲笑那些虛偽的言語 Ha! Ha! Ha!

    只有漂亮的你是 No! No! No!

    陷入酥麻的音樂中吧 Bang! Bang! Bang!

    # 我們是!! Oh~ After!! School Up!! 都讓開吧!! Check it out!! 都帶走吧!! A~ha! A~ha! A~ha!

    Right now!! Oh~ After!! School Up!! 一起狂歡吧!! 大喊吧!! 這樣!! A~ha! A~ha! A~ha!

    Repeat *

    心臟跳著的這個夜晚 Oh! Oh! Oh!

    你的視線,讓我的身體像著了火 Ha! Ha! Ha!

    不要停止你低沈的呼吸聲 No! No! No!

    讓心臟跟著這個節奏 kkung! kkung! kkung!

    Repeat #

    Bringin' it to you daily It's only from the best

    After School Playgirlz know how to get fresh

    So cool, so right, just so tasty

    We bring it fast forward the fellows go crazy

    再果決一點吧 你~ (To be raised for my life)

    再特別一點吧 你~ (To be raised for my life)

    One! Two!! Three!!!

    將自己交給音樂吧,唸唸咒文吧 Yeah~ (To be raised for my life)

    Crisp clean original new quality is what we give to you.

    (Check it out) a new generation and a whole new start

    (Check it out) collaboration with a brand new heart

    在這個瞬間,再靠近我一點 Catch Up!! Oh~

    On your mark set ready to go, can you feel it in your body this A.S. flow..

    Hey hey what you want ! Let's go!!

    Repeat #

    Repeat *

    A~ha! A~ha! A~ha! T.R.Y. Do it now!!.

    A~ha! A~ha! A~ha! Can you follow me? Yes!! Uh~ha~!!

    A-ha! A-ha! A-ha!

    A-ha! A-ha! A-ha!


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