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因為家裡要移民到美國,我是即將要到美國唸書的高中畢業生,現在面對托福與SAT的問題,請問我托福與SAT我都需要考嗎? 如果拿到綠卡的話是用什麼方法入學?

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    I assume you will graduate before immigrating to the U.S.

    Let me answer backward.

    1. Upon your arrival, you can contact your nearest high school or school board for your option. Also, you can go straight to community college for further education.

    2. In your case, your chance straight into universities are low. So taking SAT and TOEFL at the moment may not be your best option (as community colleges do not require these tests).

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    如果你是想要申請美國百大的大學,最好托福及SAT都要考。嚴格來說,SAT分兩大部分,General test及Subject test,如果你想申請TOP 50的大學,Subject test至少要選考兩科,特別是加州大學 (University of California) 系列的學校,還特別要求Subject test一定要考Math II。若是有綠卡身分,一樣要考SAT,但若在美國學校念書不超過三年,還是要考托福,所以申請資格上仍比照國際學生,只是未來入學後的學費可能會比國際學生便宜許多。

    希望以上資訊對你有幫助 ^_^

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