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What do I need to start my own Home Staging business?

Are there necessary certifications and/or training? What else do I need to know about this business? Any books that can be recommended? Websites? Thank you!

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    You need to know how to explain to people that their kids' art has to come off the fridge, and painting over the purple wall in the living room is well worth the money. Anyone can pack up people's stuff and clean off shelves and garages. Psychology and tact are the skills that are the hardest to master, especially when it comes to religious and/or ethnic themes and items. Negotiation skills will serve you well, and an understanding of different personality types, biases, and traditions.

    Connections with realtors will be almost mandatory. Work for free for 6-8 homes to get some experience and references if you do not already have a customer base that is easily reachable.

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  • 3 years ago

    Contact one of the crucial regional truly property workplaces and ask whilst they have got there weekly assembly(ninety% may have one). Then ask in the event you deliver meals to the even supposing you'll be able to speak for five mins. Bring in Krispy cream or something and you might have the opprotunity to speak to one hundred marketers at one time. You might even do it weekly.

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