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Nikon D3000; Taking pictures quickly?

I was wondering, i just got my Nikon D3000, and i was wondering how i could take more than 5 pictures quickly. is there a setting or something?


And see, i read the whole manual and i was only able to raise the count to 47? But it says it can get to 100. some websites say you do it by changing it to J-PEG basic, which i did , but thats how i only get 47. my noise reduction thing i off and so is my ADL.

Update 2:

Okay, forget what i asked, i wasnt sure how to ask it. but now i do.

My buffer has a maximum of 47. But the manual says i can get it 100. How can i do that?


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    "quickly", does that mean burst? If so your camera is capable of burst and your manual will tell you where the setting is.

    If you're talking about just shooting quickly, one shot after another, you could probably use a faster card. My Canon takes photos almost as fast as I can snap them thanks to the fast 4gb card I'm using.

    I suspect your Nikon will dot he same.

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    What you're asking for is found on page 53 of your manual.

    Find the Release Mode, and choose Continuous. This will allow your D3000 to shoot as fast as 3 frames per second and will give you the burst of pictures you asked for.

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  • Anonymous
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    Well as the fastest shutter speed is 1/4000 of a second then that is how quickly it takes an image. The shutter lag would be in the fraction of a second and the only other delay would be the autofocus and that would depend on lens and what you were focusing on. Certainly nothing "like 5 seconds".

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