Can taking Sertraline (zoloft) cause a false negative pregnancy test?

Can taking an antidepressant like Sertraline, Commonly known as "zoloft" cause a false negative pregnancy test? I have every symptom that I am pregnant, It may be too early to tell. I got a blood test done from the doctor, it came out inconclusive. I have more HcG in me than a normal amount, however, not enough for the test to be positive. I have been taking sertraline, and i was just wondering if it can mess with HcG levels in early pregnancy?

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    No, zoloft wont affect the pregnancy test. I have pregnant friends who take it currently, and their doctor say its totally safe; It has to be weaned off in the 3rd trimester for some (if the risks outweigh the benefits) so that the baby doesn't have side effects at term, but some women take it the whole time.

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      Brittany, if you don t know enough about side effects of anti depressants then please do not comment on forums like these with stories of friends .
      Sertraline is by no means totally safe . It is simply a case of the depressed woman weighing the benefits of using them against the inherent risks.

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  • 4 years ago

    No, a false negative could only be cause by the absence of the CGH hormone that the tests looks for. A false negative can be caused by the test not being strong enough to detect the amount of hormone, or the hormone levels being too low. A good trick is the more expensive the HPT, the more sensitive it is. However, check the back of the box to see what percentage it will pick up! Good Luck!

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  • Voyeur
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    It shouldn't affect the test.

    But if you are pregant, like most prescription medications, Zoloft may have side effects that can be potentially serious, particularly to unborn children during their third trimester.

    Source(s): Pharmacy Technician.
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  • 1 decade ago

    Not sure, but I know I was taking it with my last baby that I recently miscarried. It took me a lot longer to get a positive then any of my other pregnancies ever did (like 4 weeks vs 2 weeks.) All I know is I also had gotten off of it and soon after lost the baby.

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