Case Study; Biology project. White Blood cell, hematocrit, and platelet count of someone with melanoma?

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doing a bio project and the individual has several signs of skin cancer (melanome) but in the last line it says "his results show normal white blood cell count, normal more
Update : @ first poster: Thanks so much that answered my question entirely. The more
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Could still be melanoma, the human immune system doesn't attack all forms of cancer and the change in the hematocrit won't make a difference (its just to do with changes in oxygen levels) neither will the platelet counts as it isn't associated with cancer (except bone cancer).

Was there a mention of any skin moles or lesions? If so what was the outcome of the ABCD test? (asymetry, border, color and diameter). That will be key in finding out if the diagnosis is melanoma.

But based on the results and if they have several signs of skin cancer then yes it is still likely that they have skin cancer.


Husband is a bio professor and is sitting next to me!
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