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What do you think of these baby name combos?

Which thress girls name do you like the best? 3 least? Opinions on the names? Suggestions are welcome.

Everleigh Lillian Rosa (Last name)

Mallory Norah Finn (Last name)

Kayleen Anna Brynn (Last name)

Jocelyn Olivia Hope (Last name)

Annabelle Deann (Last name)

Emma Katelyn Rose (Last name)

Emma Rose (Last name)

Peighton Camille (Last name)

Peighton Camilla Rosa (Last name)

Hayden Lake (Last name)

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    Everleigh Lillian Rosa - Everleigh is adorable. I like it a lot. I also like it spelled Everly. I'm not a fan of Lillian or Rosa.

    Mallory Norah Finn - Mallory is kind cute, but not my favorite name ever. Same with Norah. It's okay; just a little blah. Finn is adorable for a girl. I love it.

    Kayleen Anna Brynn - Don't care for Kayleen, but I've heard worse. Anna is kind of plain, but pretty. I prefer it paired with something, like Annabeth, Annamarie, Anna Kay, Annalia, etc. Brynn is sweet; I like it.

    Jocelyn Olivia Hope - I really hate Jocelyn. Olivia is too overused for my taste. Hope is pretty, but such a filler name these days. I prefer it as a first name.

    Annabelle Deann - Annabelle is pretty and will age well. I don't like Deann.

    Emma Katelyn Rose - Emma is dull and overused. I don't like it. Katelyn is cute. I prefer Caitlin because it's less trashy/tacky. Rose is a fuller, IMO. I know a little girl named Emma-Katelyn. She goes by both names and no one ever calls her Emma. I thought that was cute.

    Emma Rose - Eh, no. Not my style. Both are so overused and boring now.

    Peighton Camille - I love Peyton! I'm not that crazy about the spelling, but it could work. Camille is lovely. They go beautifully together.

    Peighton Camilla Rosa - Camilla is pretty too. I don't like Rosa.

    Hayden Lake - Hayden is adorable for a girl; I love it. I love, love Lake for a girl. I have it on my list. I'm not sure if I'd ever use it or not but it's cute! And there's the actress named Lake Bell.

    3 Favorites:

    Everleigh, Peighton, and Hayden

    3 Least Favorites:

    Jocelyn, Emma, and Kayleen


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    Top 3-

    Hayden Lake.

    Emma Katelyn Rose.

    Jocelyn Olivia Hope.

    Bottom 3-

    Peighton Camille.

    Peighton Camilla.

    Annabelle Deann.

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    i like Kayleen Anna Brynn, Hayden Lake, and Emma Katelyn Rose. Least, i don't like Peighton Camille, Peighton Camilla Rosa, and Mallory Norah Finn

  • Paige
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    10 years ago

    in order:

    Hayden Lake ♥

    Peighton Camille (but i prefer the actuall spelling Peyton)

    Jocelyn Olivia Hope

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  • 4 years ago

    Helen Maria-dislike Emma Ruth-dislike Joan Elizabeth-dislike Shirley Marie-dislike Anna Kathleen-dislike Elizabeth Marie-like Marie Joan-dislike Alice Kathleen-dislike Joyce Marilyn-dislike Evelyn Laurie-ok Marilyn Rose-dislike Emma Rose-dislike Florence Emma-like Sarah Kathleen-dislike Susan Laurie -dislike Kathleen Emma-dislike Karen Marie-like Cynthia Marie-dislike Pamela Marie-dislike Theresa Laurie-like Laurie Susanne-like

  • 10 years ago

    Not a fan of three names but Mallory Norah Finn just jumped of the page at me.

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    I love all the names! They're so unique (: My favorite is definately Jocelyn Olivia Hope. Its sooo pretty. I also like Annabelle and Everleigh. I don't dislike any of the names so.. they're all great!

  • 10 years ago

    i dont like the ones with three names..

    but i really like peighton and everyleigh they are very different and i like them

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