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Nike Sumo or Taylormade r7 draw irons?

I am a beginner and am stuck between the 2 sets. I can get the r7's for 170 and the sumo's for 200. I am looking for a forgiving club. Thanks for the help

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    The Nike Sumo Irons are very forgiving, a lot of people say that the yellow insert on the back of the club makes the irons more forgiving if you don't hit it on the sweet spot. According to reviews on the two clubs, people say that the TaylorMade R7 Draw irons aren't very forgiving. One person also said that you should only get the TaylorMade R7 Draw Irons if you're not looking to improve your game.

    Overall from looking at reviews, it looks like the Nike Sumo Irons are more forgiving and better overall clubs.

  • 9 years ago

    Actually the best way is that you go to a local shop and try both irons and find the one most suit you and then if you cant afford the high price, you may come to buy it.

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