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how to get deep 360 waves?

i have waves at the top,left side, and a lil in the back. the right side of my head dont have them. i want to get 360 waves. my waves also arent that deep. have can i get a complete 360-deep waves?

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    The 360 hair waves guide offers very detail & specific methods. Included in the book are techniques of getting 360 waves, the right products to use & his secret methods which he has gotten over the years. His very popular book which has gained a sort of cult following, shows you all that you need to know to get 360 waves within a month. To get a hold of this awesome guide check out Mundus's website at www.360hairwavesguide.com

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    Here are the basic steps in doing so 1. NEVER BREAK YOUR WAVE PATTERN *#1 IS THE MOST IMPORTANT TO MAINTAIN WAVES* that includes washing, brushing. Tell your barber to cut with the grain of your hair. 2. ALWAYS USE A Moistzer after washing hair apply pink lotion while hair is wet in direction of wave pattern. 3. BRUSH THE MOISTURIZER IN THE HAIR after applying pink lotion brush dat sh!t into the hair so that it can properly moisturize the scalp. 4. THEN USE A POMADE apply whatever pomade u want and brush for 15-20 mins. (LONGER ;P DEN 15-20MIN.... BRUSH LONGER.) 5. USE A SMALL AMOUNT OF POMADE never pile your hair up with an massive amount of pomade. Use about an heresy kiss size of pomade on your finger. 6. USE ONLY A MEDIUM BRUSH OR A HARD BRUSH OR A SOFT BRUSH if u got soft hair den use a medium brush. but if u got thick as* nappy hair then definitely use a hard brush.

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