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What are some hot/cute hairstyles for VERY curly hair w/ bangs or no bangs?

I just need some new hairstyles I can do with my tight curls.

I have side bangs, but I can pin them back if the hairstyle needs me to.

My hair is really dark brown with caramel highlights.

And it gets frizzy really easily.

It is also very thick.

I have a curling iron, and a flat iron, and dont mind using them for the hairstyles.

You can give some simple ones, for just a day at school, or something for sophisticated for when there is a special event.

Also, some new suggestions for hair care products would be greatly appriciated.

My hair is dry, and frizzy, so I need something to repair the damage.

BTW: I'm 12 and going to be 13 this December

& I need these hairstyles for highschool because I want to change my style.

Right now I put my hair in a clip everyday cause I dont know any other hairstyles :$

- Thanks for your help :D


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    I have that exact same hair!

    1) Low pigtails and pin your bangs up or just straighten them

    2) Pin the top fron layer of your hair in the back of your hair

    3) Using the hair serum at walmart: http://www.walmart.com/ip/John-Frieda-Collection-F... (costs 8$) put it in after you take a shower and straitener your hair. Then put it one long braid in the back or two small ones in the front (use all your hair)

    4) Watch this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rrlDSajseYg

    Youtube thumbnail


    5) watch this too: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=az18f53nmis

    Youtube thumbnail


    If you go to walmart you can find tons of hair shampoos and conditionrs depending on the style you want.

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    10 years ago

    honestly i believe you should just straighten your hair and then try to do something to it. but maybe you don't have to.

    1 if necessary straighten and curl your hair slightly unless your normal hair will work. pull your hair back to where you want it but just hold it there with your hand. then take your other hand and scrunch in up into a messy bun and secure with a hair tie. clip back any stray ends with bobby pins

    2straighten your hair and clip your bangs bach and give them a little poof, accesorize with a head band if you want to.

    3leave it as it is and pull it back but idk how good that would work so wear that if your gonna go exercise or like you need it ot of your face.

    4straighten it and do a half up half down look.

    5straighten it and braid or fish tail it

    for my hair i use John Frieda root awakening and during the summer(from end to begenning of school) i dont use any heat unless its a special occasion and i use the cool setting on my hair dryer or warm. for frizzyness use like a deep conditioner and leave it in and let it soak. and use a wide toothed comb not a brush

    and for more hairstyles go to youtube and look up people i like meganheartsmakeup and lilcammo93 and bubzbeauty you'll find alot on there and just straighten your hair and you'll be fine!!!


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