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Difference between start and force start in bit torrent.?

Anyone help me what is the difference between start and force start in bit torrent while downloading a torrent.

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    "Start" starts a torrent normally. "Force Start" however, is a way to start torrents to bypass queue settings and seeding priority settings. It can also be used to make torrents keep running/start in "Turn Off" hours with the scheduler.

    For example, if you set it to run 2 torrents max, but wanted to run a third, you could Force Start the third one. Forced torrents do not count towards the queue settings. Or, if you had torrents set to stop at 150% share ratio, but wanted one to keep going, you could Force Start it and it would not stop at 150%.

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    6 years ago

    It's illegal to down load copyrighted torrents and you will wind up in trouble. I highly recommend using a VPN service when downloading torrents. I am using theypermit torrents on their European VPN servers.

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