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what is different

Anyone can explain the difference between "in front of" and "in the front of".

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    驟眼看來, 這兩組字的結構像差不多, 其實意思全不相同。' in front of ' 和

    "in order to ", " in lieu of "等是個用作介詞的短語介詞(phrase preposition),它的意思通常用於描述某人或物在另一人或物的可前面不遠之處如說:'In front of' is a phrase preposition to denote somebody or something that is further

    forward,but not far away, such as:

    1)The car in front of me stopped suddenly and I had to brake too.

    2) I have been sitting in front of my computer since early this morning.

    但'in the front of ' 不是一個短語介詞(phrase preposition), 如用 'at the front

    of ', ' to the front of ' 等於說:'In the front of ', on the other hand, is itself not

    a phrase preposition,' in' is used in this context as any other preposition like 'to', 'at',etc before the noun' the front' such as:

    1) I like to sit in the front of the car( meaning next to the driver ).

    2) I saw Jimmy standing in the front of the queue just a few minutes ago.

    3) my teacher told me to move my seat to the front of the classroom.

    4) There is a garden at the front of the house.

    Source(s): Oxford Dictionary
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