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'' 你還記得我嗎 ? 謝謝你跟我合照 , 這個卡片送你 , 希望你會喜歡 , ''


文法要正確 ~

謝謝各位 !!

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    Ricordati di me??grazie per la tua foto con me,Invia questa cartolina a voi,spero che vi piaccia .


    2010-07-14 01:07:59 補充:

    ti ricordi di me?grazie per la tua foto con me,ti invio questa carta,spero ti piaccia!!


    (do you remember me?thank you for your photo with me,send you this card,hope you will like it!!)

    Source(s): 自己, 義大利人朋友--Francesca
  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    You also remember me? Thanks you with my group photo, this card delivers you, hoped that you will like,


    Source(s): 選我選我!!
  • Anonymous
    10 years ago


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