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Mel gibson and racism?

I think gibson was wrong for saying what he said. But he was in the privacy of his own home when he said it. He didn't know his girl was recording him. It kind of sucks for him that he's getting so much heat for this. It's not like he called a black person the n word. He is obviously racist, and he was wrong, but I think I can speak for everyone when I say that we all say things in the privacy of our homes that we wouldn't say in public. I know I've said the n word.. (I didn't say in a hateful way, I'm usually jokin around when I say it. I never said it to a black person before.. ) My point is everyone says racist ridiculous sh*t in the privacy of their own homes.. it just sucks gibson is being crucified for it. People should be able to act like a total moron in the privacy of their own homes without it being leaked to the press.

Verdict: Mel gibson is a prick...BUT.. this shouldn't have been leaked to the media in the first place.

The thing he said about jews was much much worse, because he said it in public in a bar with tons of people around.

Your thoughts?

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    I agree. And while I think Gibson is a tool, I have more concern with his girlfriend recording him and then leaking it, if that's what happened. She knows how to push his buttons for sure and she's determined to profit from it. Actually, I'm sick of both of them - him for being a ego driven lunatic drunk and her for being a gold digger trolling for wealthy men. It's too bad they included a child in it. The last thing Gibson needed was another kid (he has way too many already), and since this is the second time she's hooked money with a kid, it's not her shining hour either.

    We all know what Gibson is -- now we know what she is too.

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    I think it was bad for him to have said racist remarks regardless of him thinking it was in the privacy of his home. Thinking one is in private does not justify anyone talking bad about others. Yeah, it sucks that it was leaked to the media but its still something he should not have said. Its not okay to offend and insult others because one thinks no one will know or find out! Just because a person doesn't say it to others directly does not make it less insulting.

    So.. yeah it sucked that it got leaked and it really should not have because it was a private conversation. Yet it is NEVER okay to say insulting & racist remarks about others regardless of location (public or private)

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    I think he should be left alone on it. His career has suffered as a result. His latest movie is very good but went to video too quickly. American people are way too quick to throw celebs away. But like all the other celebs that got judged over mistakes, they will forget in a few years.

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    he showed his asss

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