Are submissions cheap ways to win fights?

Yeah, yeah I know, I know this isn't boxing. There are different techniques you can use to win. but when it comes to winning, not just in MMA, but in wrestling as well...I get the feeling that the fighter is trying to puss out and win a fight by using submissions rather than fight 'till the end with an honorable, respectable and entertaining fight. They do this early on and ruin the fight. Yeah they win, but what kind of fight would it be if I just submitted every opponent rather than fight him head on? A boring guys get what I'm trying to say? This happens especially early on in the fights. Knowing they won't win if they continue, so they use submissions to grab a cheap win.


I'm sorry, but I really, really hate it when fighters & wrestlers try to win fights so early on in the match using submissions. It really annoys me.

Update 2:

No, no I didn't. I wanted Lesnar to win, but not that way.

Update 3:

This is just a general thought. I like how wordsbecoming summed it. Nice explanation.

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  • 10 years ago
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    One of the things that you have to take into account is that submissions are not super easy ways of finishing a fight, they require just as much skill and dedication to develop as an effective striking system does. Quick submissions show a severe lack of skill in that area in the opponent(ie maybe your favorite fighter should have trained more submission defense rather than be a one dimensional fighter.... for example Carwin) , one could make the same argument for 8 second knockouts, they don't make for a very prolonged, "exciting" fight either. Not everyone necessarily feels that a knockout is a more "honorable" win, one could argue that the strikers are just as scared to get submitted, so they attempt to get a knockout early in the match because they are scared of the fight hitting the floor. I believe it is boxing culture which has lead to the belief that striking is a more manly way of finishing fights rather than submissions and throws.

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  • JSatt
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    10 years ago

    If you have such a disdain for submission, don't watch MMA. Submissions are part of the sport, and to say that they are cheap or a fighter is pussing out because they go for subs is ridiculous. Submissions can be difficult to pull off and require quite a bit of skill. I'd rather see a fighter go for and get a sub early in a fight than watch someone lay and pray their way to a decision.

    Go watch K1 if you don't like submissions.

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  • 10 years ago

    Nope. Submissions show skill. They're part of martial arts, and to me are more impressive than knockouts. There's no such thing as a "lucky arm bar", for example, while knockouts happen in flurries all the time. I see no way why submissions are neither honorable, respectable, nor entertaining. The Carlos Newton-Kazushi Sakuraba fight is one of my favorites of all time. A submission is only considered "cheap" by people with no submission skills. Calling submissions cheap is like calling knockouts cheap, and frankly I don't understand your logic. The goal of a fight is to win, and fighters don't get paid by the hour.

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  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    i see what you mean ive been doing BJJ for only 10 months

    im a noob to it

    and i am great with takedowns and throws at least i think

    when it comes to other white belts or blue belts i do good

    but above or more experience people i do bad..

    I do see your point..Its Much more I guess Honorable and in a lot of peopels eyes, manly and courageous to fight someone head on..its like i guess a sword fight but instead you ran away and got a H&K mark 23 .45 acp and shot someone with it

    and you won

    Despite you Getting the SH#T beat out of you and being owned, you won by thinking ahead and in a way getting your opponent a not head on way


    you must Understand

    Ground Game is very Hard to Learn

    oh and i dont buy the WHOLE ground Game beats stand up..Most MMA fighters with descent takedown defense and descent striking beat guys who only go to ground..Not To mention i think Carwin would easily win a rematch..he dominated brock all first round 99% of the time..he just threw to many power shots didnt pace himself and go tired

    Their are Great Fighters out their who use Great ground Games

    Fabricio Wedrum

    Bj Penn- has

    Alistair Oveereem

    lil Nog

    Big Nog- 20 submission victorys

    usually takes a beating than catches a fighter

    However you realize that if it didnt hit the ground they ususally lose

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  • 10 years ago

    What you are forgetting that it is a lot harder to lock someone into a submission than it is to simply hit them and knock them out. Anyone can land a lucky punch and knock somebody else out, but there is no such thing as a lucky submission, they require timing and skill from the user to capitalize on a small window of time when the opening presents itself. If you don't want to see submissions go watch boxing not MMA

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  • Karen
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    4 years ago

    Damn I lost my championship match but Fallen Diablo don't think I get discouraged easily I will get a rematch one way or another. Fallen Diablo your win was just pure luck and anyone can have a few lucky days I guess it was just your turn. I will get back in the chapionship run no matter what I don't care if I have to beat the best of the best or even a jobber. Fallen Diablo I'm coming for you know go look under your bed for the Boogeyman you pathetic piece of crap scum. Fallen Diablo you would not have been able to beat me if you had not attacked me before the match. 10/10 great even though I lost it was still great. I would least like to fight Kurt Angle he looks like he would be pretty tough and he could probably belly to belly me all the way to Santa Claus. I would like to wrestle with Velvet Sky and get in some freaky positions.

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  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    My mentality is if you're going to fight, get it over with. I find that knocking a guy out seems more natural in a sport where the object of that sport is to beat the **** out of another guy. Boxing is that kind of sport, and mma is that kind of sport by design, I took karate from age 8 to age 10 and the design of a martial art is not to learn to submit somebody in front of a crowd but to defend oneself, and live peacefully and harmoniously, and avoid fighting at all costs. Submissions and take downs can be taught and learned, but it seems to me the purpose of learning the mma style moves is to finish an mma style fight by submission. I guess whether it's exciting to one person is like whether a sucker punch is cheap dirty and lame to another.

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  • 10 years ago

    Sometime we didn't amuse on the things we see if we didn't understand what's happening around, and it was your case, how come you will enjoy grappling if you has no knowledge about it.

    For your awareness, it is very hard to submit someone if you don't know the proper methods and applications of every techniques, it is the game of puzzle that need to solve on immediate time to avoid being trap and received same scenarios, it is the problem solving that challenges occur on every offenses and defenses certain competitor has made.

    If you hate such then MMA or any grappling events are not your world, just watch things that will not going to ruined your day.

    Good luck


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  • 4 years ago


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  • 10 years ago

    Well if I were to fight someone. I really don't want to spend wasted minutes fighting a person.

    I'd rather end it quickly and as painfully, or non-painfully, as possible.

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