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What is your favorite Taylor Swift song and Album?

In my opioion I really like the song Fearless, Forever&always and the way I loved you!My fave album is....Fearless!Love you Taylor(=NO HATERZ

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    my favourite album of Taylors has to be her Fearless Platinum edition purley because i love all of her songs and this CD has the most on plus a behind the scenes DVD it is amazing, my favourite song of Taylors isnt actually a very popular one, it is called what to wear and it is very country i dont know where it is possible to get hold of but i listen to it on youtube all of the time, i also love her monologue song as it makes me laugh but as i said i love all of taylors songs there isnt 1 i dont like

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    I have been obsessed with taylor swift since 2007 when I heard the song tear drops on my gutair and ever since then I have been obsessed with her ever single taylor swift song is perfectly written ( there are only 2 taylor swift songs that I dislike the lyrics in I dislike the lyrics in 22 and I dislike the lyrics in shake it off ) otherwise every other one of her songs is perfectly written I since I am a guy Taylor Swift is smoking hot I have always felt embarrassed to tell people that but recently and I mean very recently I decided to let my obsession with taylor swift out Taylor Swift lyrics can paint a perfect picture in my head and no i do not relate to her songs but I can always feel the pain and emotion in her voice and songs and because i can feel her pain and emotion that makes her an artists that changed and saved my life and thats why I am obsessed with her concidering most of the bands and artists that are in the group of 20 arttsts that saved and changed my life are emo, pop punk its werid that I am a die hard taylor swift fan but I dont care at all taylor swift is awesome but the bridge in the song shake it off is the only thing taylor swift has ever done that I have disliked

    favorite taylor swift albums in order

    1. speak now 10/10

    2. fearless 10/10

    3. self titled 10/10

    4. 1989 9/10

    5. red 8/10

    every main member of my 20 favorite bands of all time changed my life these bands changed my life if it was not for all these bands then I would ether be dead or ran away from home I would not be in to that genre of music or I would go insane every single main member of these bands is/are my biggest heros of all time I owe my entire life to these 20 favorite bands

    this set of bands I buy every single thing from no matter what and these bands helped shape my life and these bands changed my life in every single way possible and these things are my biggest hereos and best friends

    I am bias toward everyone of these BANDS

    1- green day

    2- my chemical romance

    3- avenged sevenfold

    4- blink 182

    5- paramore

    6- panic at the disco

    7- twenty one pilots

    8- all time low

    9- linkin park

    10- foo fighters

    11- fall out boy

    12- muse

    13- the killers

    14- sum 41

    15- new found glory

    16- yellowcard

    17- simple plan

    18- good charllote

    19- chvrches

    20- taylor swift

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    Favourite song from Taylor Swift=Invisible

    Favourite song from Fearless=The Best Day

    Favourite song from Fearless Platinum Edition=The Other Side Of The Door

    Favourite overall song=The Best Day

    Favourite Album=Fearless Platinum Edition(but I love all of them and all songs)

    Favourite unpublished song=Sparks Fly

    I love Taylor Swift :)

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    Favourite Song: varies, but right now it's Come In With The Rain.

    Favourite Album: Fearless plat.

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    I really like her first album better than Fearless.

    My favorite songs from Fearless are Breathe and Tell Me Why.

    My favorite songs from her self titled debut are Tim McGraw and Cold As You.

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    I absolutely love Taylor, she rocks! My ultimate favourite song of hers is 'Stay Beautiful', from her debut album. I dont think I have a favourite album, because there are plenty of songs from her albums that I adore, and her next one is coming out soon! I really can't wait. Taylor is so beautiful and so amazing! The heck with Kanye and Joe.

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    songs: Jump Then Fall and Invisible------ I have 2 Favorites

    album: Taylor Swift----- I really like all of them but this one i just relate to more

    =) Taylor Forever!!!!!!!

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    my favorite song: tim mcgraw

    my favorite album: fearless

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    My favorite tswift song is "I'm Only Me When I'm With You," & my favorite album is Fearless! :)

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    well my favourites are Fearless, Crazier, Today Was A Fairytale, Teardrops on my guitar, mary's song (oh my my my) and i'm only me when i'm with you

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