how can I find an honest online tutor?

I need an honest online tutor to help me with my master's degree in psychology. I have a couple of statistics classes coming up and am finishing a couple of general psych classes. So far I have been ripped off by an online service that charged $14 for answering one question and took days to do it. I need reasonable price with quick turn around, please help...

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  • 10 years ago
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    It's about $35 a week/$100 a month. You actually get to chat to them online. If you go to the website, you get to ask one question for free. These guys are pretty smart. I asked them a hard physics question once and they provided me a long detailed answer under 20 minutes.

    EDIT: This is only for math and science classes by the way.

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  • Tony
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    10 years ago

    Go see an actual tutor (one that you can physically see and sit down with).

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