Drama and or Manga recomendations ?

for drama I just finished watching stairway to heaven, coffee prince and you're beatiful iswak 1 and 2, mars.. many more that i forgot haha it can be korean taiwanese japanese as long as it has a nice plot ^_^

for manga please recommend those with handsome characters ahaha

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    hi there are so many good dramas to watch, so i will just recommend some of them, not in specific order.


    i don't have many japanese dramas , which i can recommend, but stil have some I highly recommend:

    Hana Kimi ( the japanese version is so hilarious funny, and i love the female actress- but if you don't like the usually strange perverse scenes that accures in j-dramas.. then watch the t- version

    Proposal Daisakusen- one of my top j-dramas - but the ending a bit dissapdisappointing .I expected a big grand finale that never came

    Hana yori dango- well the anime is my favorite but you have to watch this one

    Attention Please- comedian

    Absolute Boyfriend (Zettai Kareshi)- recommend you to read the manga too

    Nodame Cantabile- i recommend you to read the mangas and watch the animes as well too

    1 Litre of Tears- both the movie and the drama- a real story - very sad

    Hotaru beautiful beautifull sweet female actress and a god story but not a super ending

    if you like drama you could read the manga

    Nobuta wo Produce- very good schoollife drama


    Why why love-comedian,romance,drama

    Devil beside you-comedian,romance,drama. read the manga

    Rannie Yang and Mike He which are one of my favorite actress and actor couple are both playing in these dramas.

    Love Contract- this is one of my favorite. its different, beautiful and so sad- and have absolutely one of the best opening ost songs


    Sweet Relationship- it has vic zhou and food theme in it hehe

    Black & White- a good cop drama with vic zhou- yep i like him

    Calling Big Star

    Fighting Spirit

    Easy Fortune Happy Life

    Momo Love

    P.S. Man

    Down With Love

    Because Of You

    And i wished there was iswak 3...

    Korean- :

    THis one you have to watch - Stars falling from the stars.

    it has everything, romance , comedy, drama,a good story, and good acting. but the best is the super funny children actors.

    Please bear over the 1 and maybe 2 episodes, because after that it really changes and getting you hooked up

    Another must watch,:- is not from this year but is a classic for me now, which is My name is Kim Sam Soon--- so funny to watch and makes you hungry too

    Shining Inheritance- i luv this one, but i prefer the "other guy" in this drama

    When Its At Night

    Personal Preference

    Spring Waltz

    Bad love

    Swallow the Sun

    Witch Yoo Hee

    The Snow Queen

    Cinderella's Sister

    If In Love Like Them

    The World That They Live In

    Bad Guy

    Will It Snow For Christmas?

    Delightful Girl Choon-Hyang

    Prosecutor Princess


    Princess Ja Myung Go


    King of Baking, Kim Tak Goo




    and the list could go on on sorry.. i hope i could help you

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    Korean :

    Winter Sonata - if you watched stairway to heaven, i think you might like this one too. Personally, I like this one.

    Sad Love Song/Sad Love Story

    I'm Sorry I Love You

    Brilliant Legacy/Shining Inheritace

    Full House - highly recommended!

    Boys Over Flower (Korean versio of Hana Yori Dango)

    Delightful Girl Choon Hyang

    My Girl

    My Sweet 18


    Wonderful Life - the one that Eugene Kim's starred

    Cinderella's Sister

    Pasta - the second guy from Coffee Prince, starred this drama

    Princess Hours

    Japanese :

    Bloody Monday - it's not a romance type, but really interesting

    Atashinchi no Danshi

    Proposal Daisakusen

    Hana Yori Dango

    One Liter of Tears

    Taiwanese :

    Black and White

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    Cooking grasp boy (anime & manga), chuffed kitchen (manga), Cooking grasp (unique call: Aji no Suke) (manga), Yakitate! Japan (it fairly is all approximately bread!) (anime & manga) that's all i understand

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    I guess you can consider death note to be dramatic, its got suspense, action and some love and it was a good show

    (there's not that many books consider death note had about 30-40 episodes)

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    Hana Kimi!! very cute and hilarious!.. and lots of handsome characters ;)

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    you could watch rumbling hearts and angel beats....

    there's sooo much drama packed in them.....

    i cried at the end of both, especially angel beats....

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