Texas Motor Vehicle Safety Responsibility Act?

Act requires Evidence of Financial Responsibility

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    See site below for full details of the Texas Motor Vehicle Safety Responsibility Act.

    The beginning is this:

    The purpose of the Texas Safety Responsibility Law (n/k/a the Motor Vehicle Safety Responsibility Act) is to promote safe driving practices among all owners and operators of motor vehicles using the highways of this State, and to require such owners and operators to discharge their financial responsibility to others for damage to persons or property occasioned by the exercise, by such owner or operator, of the privilege or license of using the public highways of this State. Gonzalez v. Texas Department of Public Safety, 340 S.W.2d 860, 863 (Tex.Civ.App.-El Paso 1960, no writ). Under the Act, the owner/operator of an automobile is required to establish financial responsibility, such as an automobile liability insurance policy, before operating a vehicle on Texas highways. If a person causes a collision through his own negligence and fails to establish financial responsibility in compliance with the Act, the Texas Department of Public Safety ("DPS") will assist the injured party in the recovery of their damages arising from the collision. If the negligent/uninsured party is a resident of the State, their driver's license and vehicle registration can be suspended. If the negligent/uninsured party is a nonresident, then the result could be a suspension of driving privileges in the State.

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    Source(s): Vehicle History Search Database : http://vehiclehistory.siopu.com/?TNaF
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    What is the minimum amount of liability insurance allowed

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