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Should we have a referendum on the Arizona State Senate this fall? Read a history on a few, real substance.?

Arizona State Sen. Russell Pearce (R) A known neo-nazi friend who has passed racist/sexist legislation in the past, he found himself in trouble for beating two ex-wives, and also got media attention a few years ago for accidentally sending out a racist e-mail, yeah this guy introduced the bill.

Here's his e-mail from 2006:

"The media presents a "single view of the world - a world in which every voice proclaims the equality of the races, the inerrant nature of the Jewish 'Holocaust' tale, the wickedness of attempting to halt the flood of non-White aliens pouring across our borders, the danger of permitting citizens to keep and bear arms, the moral equivalence of all sexual orientations, and the desirability of a 'pluralistic,' cosmopolitan society rather than a homogeneous, White one,"

Here's his Neo-Nazi rally friends from a few years back:

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And Russell Pearce with his x-wives and legislation:

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THIS HAS BEEN KNOWN FOR YEARS!!! Yet, we still re-elect this racist.

State Senate Majority Leader Chuck Gray (R) follows white pride world wide stormfront on twitter.

Kris Kobach: Writer of SB1070, gets his money from FAIR which is a known racist eugenics organization trying to prove the white race is superior.

Yeah the makers of the law have quite some baggage, I think Jan Brewer is just really really misguided with good intentions. If the Tea Party/Conservatives wants REAL reform they need to clean their party first. What say you?


The immigration law is one thing, and that can be another debate. This is primarily about the history on who's there.

Update 2:

Cap n trade: oh I forgot you don't read the proof huh? I called hima friend of neo-nazi's too learn to read.

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    A referendum? Just do a regular vote and get the guy out, if you are of the minority opinion in regards to whoever this guys is, then it sucks, I can understand the frustration, but that is kind of how democratic institutions work.

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    Well, we white people don't have a lot of people looking out for us these days so....NO

    Having a racist President and First Ape Lady have jaded me.

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    You lost me when you called him neo-NAZI and racist/sexist.

    Liberal rant !

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    Bill Fat Dick Clinton

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