Job outlook for Environmental engineering in 6 years?

i was wondering what is the outlook for environmental engineers in around 5-7 years. it seems as if now everyone is majoring in it and there will end up being few jobs in my generation

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    I agree - too many people may be taking this degree right now.

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    Did you know that Petroleum Engineering is the most in demand degree right now?

    The starting pay is almost double for environmental.

    It's a gamble - something fun to research.

    There will always be tires and plastics - made out of petroleum.

    Engineering management might also be high in demand.


  • 4 years ago

    There are a lot of engineering fields that relate to green and renewable energy. And an engineering field does not have to be "new" to contain new information - engineering is changing constantly. That said, here are some good options and what they would actually do with renewable energy: Civil - creates the infrastructure Electrical - improves the efficiency of electrical sources Mechanical - creates new power sources (energy comes from motion) Aerospace - makes turbines for wind energy, understands fluid dynamics for ocean energy collection Ocean - works on ocean energy collection All engineering fields have pretty good job prospects. Civil, Electrical, and Mechanical are the most common of the ones I listed, so they are slightly less vulnerable to the ups and downs of specific industries. Aerospace and Ocean are a little more specialized (so they can be vulnerable to the ups and downs of specific industries), but they also tend to make a little more money.

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    I was on the tail end of the enviromental tech boom in the 70's by the time I graduated the goverment was not hiring and private business hadn't started hiring thier own ppl yet as a result I have never worked in my field. I think if I had been looking more broadly (at private industry) It would have been a different storey . Good Luck go to all the related "job fairs" that you can

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