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BT asked in News & EventsCurrent Events · 1 decade ago

What will likely happen to the children of Russian deep cover spies in the United States?

So these Russian spies have been caught, their kids were born on US soil, and are still minors. Apparently two Russian spies were paired together and had children to further their "cover." So the kids are innocent but what kind of lives will they have, will the CIA harass them?

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    I heard on the news yesterday that one couple has already made arrangements to send their young kids to the wife's sister in Russia. Some of the kids are older, in the late teens, early 20's. Although I haven't heard anything specific about them, I'm guessing that they'll be staying in the U.S. at least until their parent's trials are over. Can you imagine what it would be like to be born and raised in the U.S. and then, POOF!, find yourself living in Russia? These kids obviously won't have relatives in the U.S. - or, if they do, it'll be miracle. The little ones will probably go to family in Russia. The older kids might be allowed to decide if they'll stay here or move to Russia... if they stay, maybe good foster or sponsoring parents can be found for them. It would be a shame if they were jsut cast into the foster care system to wander and fail.

    Here'a a breakdown of the 7 kids involved and their ages.

    "Some of those kids are old enough to understand what's happening, like the 20- and 16-year-old sons being raised in leafy Cambridge, Mass., by Donald Howard Healthfield and Tracey Lee Ann Foley. These kids, who came to court to watch their parents' arraignment, Dr. Nancy Rappaport a professor of psychiatry at Harvard told the Boston Globe, will "have to wrestle with a tremendous sense of betrayal that things aren't what they seem.'' That's because their parents weren't just spies – they literally weren't who they claimed to be. Healthfield and Foley were posing as French Canadians. Donald Healthfield, it turns out, was a Canadian who died in infancy. It was a stolen identity. Were the kids in on it? Most accounts believe they were not.

    "Same goes for Vicky Paleaz and Juan Lazaro in Yonkers, N.Y., whose children were 17 and 38, respectively. (The 17 year-old, a Julliard trained pianist, even shares the assumed name of his father )

    "But while a teen and an adult child can understand what is happening – even if betrayed, even if traumatized – what happens to the elementary-aged and younger kids? What of Katie Murphy, 11, who returned from a birthday slumber party to discover her parents had been taken away? She and her sister Lucy, 7, born to Rick and Cynthia Murphy of Montclair, an enclave of writers and liberals just outside Manhattan, were last seen schlepping backpacks and pillows, accompanied by an FBI agent. The New Jersey Star Ledger reported little Katie had just graduated the fifth grade at Hillside Elementary School, picking up an armful of awards. Photos show her, face blurred to protect her identity to some degree, sprawled like any other kid across her parents. What happens next?

    And in Arlington, Va., just a few minutes from downtown D.C., Michael Zottoli and Pamela Mills had toddlers -- a 1- and 3-year-old. Now in the custody of the state, until their parents' chosen guardian is approved by the FBI. Some reports say they'll be on a plane to relatives in Russia soon.


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    This question is to wide for one answer, What happen to the children will depend on a lot of difference laws and who wants the children, And No the C.I.A will not harass the children, the C.I.A deal with other matter ..

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    To sum up in a single word, nothing.

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