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I need help with this gravity question?

This is what i had wrote for the answer, but he said it wasn't answering the question

The Moon is in orbit around the Earth due to gravitational forces. In thinking about this gravitational force, you see three possibilities: 1). The Earth pulls on the Moon with a greater force; 2). The Moon pulls on the Earth with a greater force; 3). The attract one another equally.

Which process is occurring? Provide an explanation for your answer.

This is the Law of Universal Gravity.

When both bodies are pulling each other with a force that is directly proportional to their own Mass and inversely proportional to the Distance between them Thus force exerted by moon on earth's surface will be much lower than the force exerted by Earth on Moon's surface. A body midway between moon and earth will experience more attraction by the earth because bigger mass of Earth.

But a body that is much closer to the moon will be attracted more by the moon than by the Earth and will either orbit around the moon or fall on its surface


Look closely at the gravity equation. Where does gravity come from? What contributes to this force? What does Newton’s Third law of Motion have to say about this force?

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  • Steve
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    1 decade ago
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    When I look closely at the gravity equation I see that it defines an attractive force between 2 masses proportional to the PRODUCT of their masses and inversely proportional to the SQUARE of the distance between them.

    The formula computes ONE force only, that being applied to each mass equally.

    Newton's 3rd law: EQUAL & opposite (direction) forces

    No one is exactly sure where gravity comes from. It's one of the great remaining physics mysteries.

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  • 1 decade ago

    first of all u see there are 5 fundamental forces

    1.magnetic force

    2.electric force

    3.strong nuclear force

    4.gravitational force

    5.weak nuclear force

    but we rarely feel the forces from this.

    we usually see and feel magnetic force only by using magnets.

    so we have a wrong thought that force must attract or repel each other.

    but the weak nuclear force and gravitational force are not like that.

    the gravi force F is directly proportional to mass of the two objects and inversily proportional to the square of the distance between them.

    i tink u may know how to find these with a force.

    hence there must me a constant with them

    it is called gravitational constant G.

    now F=(G*M1*M2)/(R*R)

    newton thought of this force and formulated this and calculated G value.

    now take M1 as earth mass & M2 as moon mass.

    G has a constant value.

    they don't change

    definitely the force in newton must same at all the time,other wise we will go closer to moon or away when time goes.

    this shows R must be same

    hence the distance between moon and earth must be same and is maintained by gravitational force.

    do u know? in space if we throw an object it will never lose it's velocity untill it touches other.

    like wise earth and moon might have come from sun with a velocity. in order to maintain the distance and some velocity moon started revolving around the earth as earth revolving sun.

    since they revolve in space they never stop unless deflected by another. This is wat i am having in my mind for gravitational force. bye.

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  • 3 years ago

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