Can I put Ford oil in a BMW?

My BMW E46 330i needs a slight oil top up and I have some Ford 5w30 fully synthetic oil laying around.

The Ford oil says it's Acea A1/B1 compatible but most BMW forums I read says it should use Acea A3 rated oil.

Is there that much difference or could I use this oil to top it up with no harm we are only talking from the min to the max of the oil dipstick?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    BMW Requires that you use Mobil 1 or Castrol Syntec in the motor depending on the year but it is more important to have the proper amount of oil in the motor rather than the proper brand so yes you can use that oil. I would not fill the motor with the wrong brand but if it is just a quart or less you have nothing to worry about. All of the oil companies have to meet such strict regulations that they all provide good protection. The main difference now is the additives that they put into the oil to provide extra protection and cleaning properties. Hope i have been helpful.

    Source(s): ASE Certified Parts Specialist/Mechanic with 15+ years experience.
  • brod
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    1 decade ago

    Oil is oil so long as you conform to the car manufacturer's specs (which is 5w30 full synthetic oil).

    BMW does not "require" you to use Castrol much less Mobil 1. BMW "recommends" Castrol and uses Castrol on its cars. BMW is quiet about Mobil 1 and other comparable oil brands but it does not mean that you can not use it.

  • 1 decade ago

    That small amount will not affect anything but if you're already at the min. mark, I would leave it alone. That means you have enough and as it heats up, it will expand a little. Just be careful not to add too much. It's easy to do and as bad as not having enough oil!

  • Maria
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    1 decade ago

    It is ok as long as your BMW uses 5w30 oil.

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