According to MLB Network Phillies are willing to trade for Cliff Lee? Your thoughts?

Does that make any sense now? Why didn't they just sign him when they had a chance during the Offseason?

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    10 years ago
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    Very simple, because Ruben Amaro is really not a bright guy. He made one of the most puzzling trades I've ever witnessed when he traded Lee. Let's go over everything that went wrong.

    1. He could have kept Cliff Lee for this year, Lee is only making 9mil. this year. Less than Raul Ibanez who becomes more and more useless as the days go by.

    2. He traded Lee too fast, why not wait a couple weeks and see what other teams might offer?

    3. This is the best one, hold on. He traded Lee for horrible prospects, not even one of the top 3 prospects the Mariners had!!!!

    I know they're interested in him and they got two really good guys down in lower A ball in Cosart and Singleton, but Domonic Brown is untouchable. Overall Ruben is an idiot, who has to swallow his pride and idiocy and understand that he made a horrible trade.

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    That makes no sense. I mean why not keep a pitcher that dominated for you in the 2nd half of the season, and helped you reach the playoffs? I mean people know that he is good, so why not sign him to a long term deal. It would be with a contending team. Now it just makes no sense. They are going to have multiple teams going after him, and they will have to pay Cliff Lee much more money then they would have if they would have signed him during the offseason. I think it was a mistake not signing him in the off-season, but now is just too late. Besides, they have Roy Halladay.

    The Phillies would also have to give away more of their prospects, which doesn't seem good, becuase I think teams should keep their prospects. This would depleat their farm system a little bit.

  • Ace
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    10 years ago

    No this does not make any sense at all now that the Phillies are willing to trade for the Marniers for Cliff Lee now since they did get Roy Hallaway done in a three way trade

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    The Phillies traded Lee to the Mariners in a 3 way deal to get Halliday. Lee's contract always ran through 2010. Some clubs, like the Reds, are happy to try to get Lee through the rest of the year.

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  • They aren't going to get him back, not that Cliff Lee wouldn't mind going back, but there is just not enough the Phillies can do to get him back.

    I'm going to quote Cliff Lee, "I'd be more than willing to return to Philadelphia, but I know I'm about as likely to dress in the Phillies' clubhouse this season as Ben Franklin"

  • 4 years ago

    I was at the Yankees-White Sox game yesterday (Sunday, 8-29) and I heard a few White Sox fans saying "We want Manny!". I couldn't help but think "be careful what you wish for...". Manny is notorious for being a clubhouse 'cancer': someone who's bad attitude is infectious and lets it affect the rest of the clubhouse. I remember on one occasion, when Manny was still with the Red Sox, they were playing the Yankees. Manny had the day off, but the game went into extra innings. So Terry Francona pinch hit Manny with men on base, and Manny literally looked at three pitches right down the middle, and didn't even take the bat off of his shoulder. He believed that it was his day off, and decided that he wasn't interested in playing that day. And when the Red Sox decided that Manny wasn't worth all of the trouble, and started trying to move him, he stopped playing at 100%. He started lagging and you could tell that he wasn't really trying. Manny is too narcissistic to ever be a true team player, and I don't care how good he is, I would never ever want him on the Yankees. I hope it works out for the White Sox, though...

  • 10 years ago

    hahahahah if this is some poor attempt to beg him to come back then that's just so pathetic LOL this makes me laugh ^^

    I feel so bad for Cliff Lee. He just wants a stable place to call home and just stay there. He was blown when he got traded to Seattle after that stunning WS performance! And now Seattle is done with him as well because he's too expensive. He doesn't deserve that :(

  • Rob K
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    10 years ago

    Of course they are; but it's too late. The farm is dry other then Domonic Brown, and he's untouchable for a good reason. Amaro made the mistake of trading him to begin with, and now there's no going back. I see him as a Met unfortunately.

  • mm117
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    10 years ago

    ya that seriously doesn't make sense. but im sure its because they are 5 games out with no signs of getting better with everyone on the DL, so they are looking for something to help them get out of it. they are kicking themselves for letting him get away. i don't think they will get him again.

  • 10 years ago

    That's ridiculous. They have nothing to give up.

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