Is homosexuality right?

Why is it acceptable for two people to be in a sexual relationship with each other if they are the same sex? If the majority of society has accepted something to be morally right is it?

Is truth that homosexuality is right or wrong?

Lets define truth...

One idea of truth is the correspondence theory of truth. In other words, a statement is true if it matches up with the way the world actually is. Simply "telling it the way it is." For example if I claim there is a red corvette in my driveway, then that statement is either true or false (it is impossible that the corvette is both there and not there at the same time!) If there is a red corvette in my driveway, then my statement is true, if not then it is false. A statement is simply true when it matches up with reality.

However many people seem to change this definition of truth when they begin to talk about morality. They smuggle in a different definition of truth to catch people unaware. It is important to understand two kinds of truth.

Subjective Truths- Most choices we make do not deal with morality. Questions such as; Should we go to the movies tonight? Should I wear a blue shirt or a red shirt? Do I prefer Chocolate or Vanilla ice cream? These are personal choices relative to the individual and are based on preference or feeling and can easily change. These are subjective truths.

Objective Truths- Moral choices are not subjective, like choosing an ice cream flavor. Rather, moral choices are more like insulin. Insulin, as many know, controls diabetes. It doesn't matter if I think chocolate ice cream will control diabetes because truth is that it will not. Regardless of my personal preference or feelings, the statement "Insulin controls diabetes" is an objective truth. An example of more objective truths is "1+2=3", The capital of the US is Washington D.C. and that George Washington was the first president of the United States. Similarly, moral choices are choices between what is objectively right and what is objectively wrong. That's why we feel guilty when we make wrong moral choices as opposed to wrong non-moral choices.

Just imagine for a moment what would happen if morality was subjective (i.e., a matter of personal taste.) How could we condemn rape or murder, for wouldn't they be the result of personal preference, like choosing an ice cream flavor? If morality were subjective there would be no difference between a father who nurtures and cares for his children and a father that molests his children.

A society without standards is a society in disarray. If people could drive on whatever side of the road they desired or as fast as they wanted, society would be out of control. If there were no standard of measurement for commerce, honest business would be impossible. We need standards in order for society to thrive. While standards set by our government (such as price of gas, traffic laws, and certain monetary policies) have an impact on are society, they are merely conditional. If the authorities behind these standards could change them, they could do so.

There are also standards that are beyond are control. Absolute standards. For example, we measure time through use of minutes, hours, days, months, years and so on. However, beyond our measurements is a standard outside of our control. For example can we control the length of a day or can we control the rotation of the earth and its orbit around the sun? We can't!, because they are beyond human control.

Absolute truth is truth that is true for all people, for all times, and for all places. So if twenty young teenagers decided to rape a handicapped girl, would it be OK? Would the number of people involved make it right? If society said it was OK, would that make it acceptable? Of course not! Everyone knows deep down in their hearts that this is wrong. It is wrong not because of what culture or society may say but because of the nature of rape.

We know that torturing babies for amusement is wrong. We know that honesty is right. We know that terrorism is wrong. We know that unselfishness is right. We know stealing is wrong. We know courage is right. How do we really know such things? People know morality is real because they are moral beings. If you find someone that says that they do not believe in right and wrong, they will be going back on this a moment later.

I believe everyone here would agree that these are absolutely wrong!

Keep in mind that truth does not change over time. If someone were to say to me; "People used to believe the earth was flat, but now they believe it is round. See, truth changes." What that person would fail to understand is that there is a distinction between belief and truth. While people may once have believed that the earth was flat, common sense tells us that the earth has always been round, despite changing beliefs. While beliefs may vary, truth is constant.

Is homosexualit


So is homosexuality right?

Update 2:

♀Sutch ā Cutee♥- So would other types of such as beastiality, necrophilia, hepophilia, infantphilia be right aswell?

There are few traits in genes that are related to homosexuality. Most often young people grow up confused in disordered families where there are domineering mothers mothers, passive or absent fathers. Early sexual abuses or seduction can play a role in how a child develops. Many young girls who were scarred by men turn to lesbianism. They view men as tyrants and lose their ability to trust them.

Update 3:

Ayana- I thought I have made it clear that either a statement can be true or false (not both at the same time.) Please read my second paragraph.

Update 4:

♀Sutch ā Cutee♥- A study was done by Michael Bailey and Richard Pillard on gay men who have identical twins. Approximately 50% of the twins were gay. And they concluded genetics were the cause of the high percentage of twins. However if the genetics are determinative, why are nearly half of the identical twins not homosexual? If sexual orientation was determined by genetics then all twins should be 100% homosexually equal. But this isn't the case. And on top of that other surveys have produced radically different results.

What other evidence is there that you can be "born gay."

Update 5:

Bobaino- The problem with your claim that being homosexual doesn't hurt anybody is very naïve. Homosexual behavior does hurt people. Recent studies have shown that homosexual men are four times as likely to be alcoholics and six times as likely to commit suicide. Many parents are hurt because their gay children will never produce grandchildren. Not to mention researchers have reported a significantly higher rate of drug and alcohol abuse among homosexuals. Male homosexuals are 75% more likely to contract STD's in a lifetime, mental disorders occur at a much higher rate in homosexuals, physical injury to the body is a common problem because of the nature of certain homosexual actions.

Update 6:

<3, sa sa.- Actually the thing about life is that every law in existence decides someones right on them, that's the nature of the law. Our government forces its morality on rapists, thieves, and other lawbreakers all the time. Many homosexuals want full approval for their lifestyle and they want to silence your ability to object.

You may think homosexuality is acceptable, but what right do you have to decide my view on them?

Update 7:

xxx000au- There is a basic difference between male homosexuality and homosexual acts in the animal kingdom. Males commit homosexual acts not just because they are erotic, but because they are male erotic. They are not merely attracted to a physical body part, but to their own gender. Animals, on the other hand, merely desire to be stimulated. They are not attracted to the gender of the animal, which is why a dog will hump a sofa, a tree, or even your leg. Animals just want the stimulation for masturbation, there is no evidence that their homosexual desires parallels the desires of humans.

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  • Ayana
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    Is homosexuality right? No.

    But it isn't wrong either. It just is. It is no more right or wrong than having red hair, or blue eyes. It simply IS.


    "♀Sutch ā Cutee♥- So would other types of such as beastiality, necrophilia, hepophilia, infantphilia be right aswell?"

    First I'd like to correct some things... Medically, it is not called bestiality. It is Zoophilia. Hepophilia is ephibophilia, and infantophilia is Nepiophilia. Regardless, all of those things you listed are PHILIA's. Such things do not revolve around romantic love. While it may be a love (usually more obsession) it is not romantic love (example: I love caramel ice cream, but it is not a romantic love). It is more about desire than love.

    Homosexuality (as well as heterosexuality, bisexuality, and pansexuality) involves romantic love. That is the key difference between the two.


    Oh I read what you had to say. But that does not change my answer. I won't even go into your view that morality is not subjective when some times, it clearly is. But fine, I shall try to put this in a way that you desire.

    Since you require an answer, I will say that I think it is right. Why? It is a natural occurrence that supports the growth of social species (such as humans). It has no natural negative repercussions, but has positive effects.


    "If sexual orientation was determined by genetics then all twins should be 100% homosexually equal"

    I would first like to point out that monozygotic twins ("identical twins') are not truly identical at all. They do have slightly different genetics.

    Ever hear of epigenetics (probably not, most people haven't)? Its the markers that turn different parts of your DNA on and off (example: Genes that work in your liver, don't work in your finger). Monozygotic twins can have nearly identical genetic sequences, but there epigenetics may be so different, that you would never know that they were twins.

    These changes are caused by any number of things, and the combinations are nearly endless. More importantly, is that they start happening immediately. Meaning that even in the womb, monozygotic twins, their epigenetics are being effected. Despite sharing a womb, they receive different hormones and nutrients (which is why often one twin is larger than the other). This alone causes differences in their epigenetics.

    The leading theory right now is that it is caused by what hormones they receive in the womb. Monozygotic twins WOULD be receiving different hormones, which would effect many parts of them. From their brain, down to their epigenetics.

    Woo! That was a lot of typing.


    And I was so hoping you'd respond to me too.


    "Recent studies have shown that homosexual men are four times as likely to be alcoholics and six times as likely to commit suicide."

    This is not a direct result of homosexuality, but of negative societal pressures.

    " Many parents are hurt because their gay children will never produce grandchildren."

    People who are heterosexual can do that same thing. And that is not NEARLY the type of 'hurt' he was talking about. Being sad about that is no where near as painful or long term as the negative effects of being raped as a child.

    "homosexuals are 75% more likely to contract STD's in a lifetime,"

    Actually, Lesbians are the least likely people to get and STD. Moving along, that increase in males is NOT due to homosexuality, but the lack of using protection. Homosexual males are less likely to use protection than heterosexual males due the fact that there is no risk of pregnancy.

    "mental disorders occur at a much higher rate in homosexuals,"

    Things such as depression do, yes. But again, this is due to negative societal pressures.

    "physical injury to the body is a common problem because of the nature of certain homosexual actions."

    I've never known any one who receive any sort of injury (other than one they wanted) during a sexual act. Heterosexual, homosexual, or bisexual. And if by "certain homosexual actions" you mean anal sex, then one must not use that as a negative example of homosexual behavior (or why homosexuality is wrong), but against anal sex. Why? Heterosexuals practice anal sex as well, with a high frequency even. It is not a homosexual act, but a sexual one. And I repeat, I've never known any one to receive any sort of injury involving it.

    "They are not attracted to the gender of the animal, which is why a dog will hump a sofa, a tree, or even your leg. Animals just want the stimulation for masturbation, there is no evidence that their homosexual desires parallels the desires of humans."

    If that were so, then there would not be animals that seek sexual stimulus from ONLY animals of the same gender, shunning those of the opposite. This has been a problem for breeders of some animals. Predominately in goat breeders but it has been known to happen with other species as well.

    Male black swans will form life long bonds, doing all the same things that they would do if they were a heterosexual pairing. They even steal eggs from other swans and raise them. Approximately 1/3 of all black swan cygnets are raised by a male/male pairing.

  • 1 decade ago

    When it comes to sex, much of it is subjective. Some believe masturbation to be wrong, others believe that oral sex between a man and a woman is wrong and yes some believe homosexuality is wrong, societies answer is if you don't like chocolate ice cream, then don't eat it.

    For a nation there is a need for moral standards, that is why many of your examples have consequences: rape, murder, incest, stealing and so on, because these acts violate the rights of others, they don't make others "feel " uncomfortable, these acts put others in danger and damage lives. We punish those who do these things when they are convicted.

    When it comes to truth, gays are much like the red convertible, you can hate that car, it might be a car that you think is useless, you can choose another ride, you can say it doesn't exist.

    At the end of the day, there will still be red convertibles and whether you think it's ok or not there will still be gays, always have been and always will be.

    The difference between the gay and the car is that you can order what ever car you can afford or want, sexuality doesn't work that way, if it's by nature(I believe it is) or nurture, it certainly is not by choice.

    For the most part our country has come to a place where most people believe that what two consenting adults engage in is there business, I'm going to eat some ice cream now.

  • 1 decade ago

    You say 'people know morality is real because they are moral beings'. Now, the fact that there is a truth in morality doesn't mean that YOUR morality is the true one. First of all, you need to find some absolute form of morality.

    One way of making 'absolute' moral judgements would be that of adopting the same moral universe (well, that would also be a collective choice, but let's not go into that). Now, let's adopt a moral universe where we all have the same moral duties towards every human being. In this moral universe, it doesn't matter how far away a person is. If that person's in need and I have the possibility of being of help without ending up being in a worse situation myself as a result of my action, I have the moral duty of helping him or her. One important point is that we're all at the same level. There's no absolute moral justification to harming people just as well as there is no absolute moral justification to forcing them to act against their will. You could work out some special moral duties that you may want to owe your family, your friends, your co-nationals. Those are based on shared sets of ideas among people that believe to be part of a group and are not morally justifiable in an absolute terms. Raping someone (whether it's a disabled girl or not) is wrong because you're causing harm to that person. That's as close as you can get to an absolute moral judgement and, therefore, to a true moral judgement. Condemning the raper to death is not morally justifiable in absolute terms, because it's something that derives from choices and shared ideas.

    Now, having a relationship with a person of the same sex does not go against this absolute moral universe. When I make love to my boyfriend I am not neglecting any moral obligations, nor am I causing any harm to anyone.

    Second point: bestiality, necrophilia, pedophilia (about hepophilia... I've never heard about it. What is it?) are cases in which the objects of desire cannot give their consent to being involved in sexual acts. That's why they are morally wrong. A relationship between two people of the same sex who consent to being together cannot be morally wrong.

    Homosexuality doesn't go against morality. Homosexuality is right.

  • 1 decade ago

    I didn't read all of your question because it is so long. I read the third from last paragraph, about knowing what is right and wrong.

    I don't think 'right' and 'wrong' are the appropriate words. It all comes down to morality and what has become socially acceptable. As a species, we've developed a civilization based on morality. A lion who would slaughter baby creatures for fun, while being a horrific thing to do, would not be considered similarly to a human doing the same thing. For that, it's clear that it's not the action of the killing that is wrong, but that it has grown to be unaccepted by our societies. Which means it is not 'wrong', as you say, but immoral.

    The same applies with everything else. Terrorism, for instance: It is considered terrorism to kill a group of humans, but not to kill a group of rats or foxes. In each case, the slaughtering is relative to our social ideals. So, as with my other example, the mass murder is not the problem, but our society has labeled one wrong and the other necessary.

    Arguing against murder is justified, since the reason for disapproving of it is moral and genuine.

    When it comes to people arguing that homosexuality is wrong, there is no genuine basis for the argument. You'll find a lot of people saying that it is not what God intended. Most of the people who will use that argument don't even believe in God.

    I don't consider it to be a matter of opinion - homosexuality is not immoral and there is nothing 'wrong' with it. As with many other things that are debated pointlessly, it is merely (and very unfairly) considered 'wrong' because it is less common that heterosexuality.

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  • 7 years ago

    Two homosexuals, two lesbians cannot become one flesh. A male and a female through a co operative act of love become one flesh in their offspring. Becoming one flesh is only possible for a male and female. This is a "Self-Evident Truth" that is seen in nature and in cultures around the world. Matt. 19:4-6. Government can pass all the laws they want but two people of the same sex joined together in marriage is not it. Now marriage is a holy act, government does not make people holy. I never understood this till today when I heard Doug Batchelor speak on utube on marriage between same sex couples. I use to think the becoming

    "One Flesh" had to do with the sex act, it is not. We become one through our children we create together. Wouldn't mind reading input on this.

  • 1 decade ago

    You asked if something is "right" and then run in a new direction discussing what is "truth."

    In respect to sexuality.

    Maybe the question to debate is. Does one man have the right to interference with what his neighbour does. If someone say yes I would suggest he allow his own neighbour to interfere in his life and then come back and speak to us with experience under his belt.

    Ok I agree that we cant have total sexual freedom as we need to draw the line to protect some.

    As an example children. I do not want a society where adults take a child for sex. I also don't know that sex with animals is such a wise practice. And while adult incest may not appear to be such a problem as it is between adults, trouble is do we want the complications that a pregnancy can bring.

    As for homosexuality and the question, right or wrong.

    As many many animals and insects are just like man, they also enjoy a little same sex sex, i say.

    If its right for the Gods little creatures to play with each other it has to be right for me.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    nothing you say seems to have any relavance to homosexuality being right wrong (right btw)-overwhelming evidence that it isn't choice

    '♀Sutch ā Cutee♥- So would other types of such as beastiality, necrophilia, hepophilia, infantphilia be right aswell'

    and in comparing homosexuality to those you have lost all crediility,validty and respect.

    i've studied this and you don't seem to even be considering the overwhelming evidence for homosexuality being inborn

    (also that is not exactly how twin studies work)

    the hateful nonsense that comes from people sometimes is just ridiculous

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  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    No. It is wrong. And it will send you to Hell. Nothing bigoted about this. It's a warning from God. You don't have to go to Hell. But you have to repent, turn from your unrighteousness, and trust in Jesus Christ to save you from your sins. Ask God to forgive you of your sins.

    And Jesus Christ is not a "touchy feely positive thinker and speaker" who uses and endorses the law of attraction. That is deception.

    Jesus Christ, who the Bible talks about, warned about hellfire. He rebuked wickedness, including the hypocrisy of the Pharisees. He turned over the money changers and drove out the merchants who misused the House of God by turning it into a den of thieves. Jesus was perfect. The Pharisees hated Him. And they had Jesus crucified. Coincidentally, that was also the price Jesus Christ paid for are sins, so we could be forgiven. The work was finished on the cross. And don't forget the resurrection that was three days later.

    Source(s): If we're truly saved, then we need to live a lifestyle that is pleasing to God.
  • 1 decade ago

    Yes of course it's right. As a natural trait it's impossible for it to be wrong. You may as well argue it's wrong to grow hair, or blink, or breath..........

    Added: No, those people choose to act that way. They aren't even remotely comparable to being born gay, and the issue of consent is very apparent too.

    It gets very old and tired when people continually make those comparisons. Seriously, you need a new tactic.

    Perpetuating myths about homosexuality is old too. You may take comfort from those lies about why women are lesbian, but it's not the truth.

    Added: Aside from the glaring fact that gay people know we were born gay, I'll offer this too

    It would explain why so many gays, including me, were aware of our sexuality from a very early age, before we could fully comprehend it.

    It seems pointless arguing with someone who clearly has an anti-gay stance, but I would love to know why this is important to you, what are you hoping to prove? WHY does our sexuality matter to you?

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    People here who say its right, or not right, are being irrelevant... the term "right" is overall irrelevant... what has to be discussed here is that why there are societal "right"s and "norms" and why we are being dictated by the organs of media and parliament that have to adhere to them.... its nonsense. there ARE only(not should be) personal "rights", "wrongs" and "norms" and societal versions of these are just made up by greedy leaders, or rulers, or monarchs, or parliaments that feel the need to control people's personal lives and to dictate how to live their lives... we should not be giving in to these by discussing whats "right" or "normal"...

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