Do you realise that getting good grades in school is...?

...actually a waste of time. Haven't you ever noticed that most rich people never (well not really never, but school grades didn't matter to them throughout their life) got good grades at school, some actually hated school? They start up things like businesses and invested in property, which is much better than bullying yourself into getting good grades, competing with other people and getting stuck in a dead end job which pays the same amount every week, you retire at 60 and enjoy your $40,000 a year until you're about 80 and then die. Yet some people who think about getting money differently retire at thirty and enjoy their $200,000 dollars a year and actually enjoy life?

It doesn't really take a lot of money to make money. My brother started a business at 15 with only $400 and he has now made over $90,000 dollars. He's working on three more businesses which he knows will make the same amount, if not more.

I still think you should get good grades at school, though, just because you will eventually need to use SOME stuff you learned from school, ie: writing, basic maths.

So my point is, do you think we're in an age where good grades can only go so far?


Yes, getting good grades is safe, but if you don't take risks in life and you always 'play is safe', then you will get nowhere.

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    9 years ago
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    Excellent points! School is a place that creates people with special skills, usually employees. It's true that for where you seem to be wanting to go, school is not all that important. School sadly doesn't teach important lessons like initiative (starting a business?), confidence, aim, dealing with people...and basically, succeed.

    I think you will be very interested in this blog =)

    Wydnlis - What You Do Not Learn In School (for teens)

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    Getting good grades in school will take you pretty far in life. Obtain good grades, go to a well known university and get a degree on something that you can get a job with. If you do well enough on your job, you'll make decent money or a good amount of money to get you through everyday life. Yeah a lot of people enjoyed success with their business but i'm pretty sure many many people started businesses that failed. They took risks but look what happened, they're now on the brink of bankruptcy. If you take risks, you might earn more money than you've ever imagined, or be in a worse shape than you originally started with. So saying that school's a waste of time is a pretty ridiculous statement.

  • Janine
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    4 years ago

    Listen to the teacher in class. Do the work given in class. Take good notes, and 'rewrite them' neatly in a notebook or section of a notebook when you get home. Do your homework and 'copy it over' neatly before turning it in. Your grades will 'improve' and get better over the year as you make this into a 'habit.' It may sound difficult, but it is actually very easy ... instead of 'trying to remember' as you are walking to your next class and mixing the knowledge with what you need there, and also trying to be 'social' you are 'setting the knowledge aside' and dealing with it in an organized matter when it's time to 'do your homework.' That 'copying neatly' of the notes and the homework is 'the key' to your improved grades ... COPYING is putting the knowledge in your brain more deeply while you are not 'thinking hard' about it (where it would go to a different storage area). Does this work? I nearly flunked out of high school before I dropped out. My grade point average in college was 4.5 (4 being an A and the 'highest possible') ... and I did the equivalent of 6+ years of school (through Master's Degree) in 2.5 years. Yes, it works!

    • You sound like you have it figured out. Do you have a way of dealing with overwhelming amounts of homework?

  • 9 years ago

    Depends... ok yea any person can make millions on a business that you dnt need to be smart. But if you want to become a doctor, nurse, speak therapist etc you are going to have to make good grades or at least know you material. Some jobs are commons sense but some jobs you must have knowledge also.

    contractor - measurements.

    Speach therapy - english

    Nursing - anatomy, phyisology, english, math, medical term. etch

    Plus to make money now a days your gonna need a college eduation and to get into college you need good high school grades. And if you didnt get a high school diploma due to not making good grades your gonna be begging the food joint to pay you 7 dollars an hour to work like a slave for a whole 150 / 2 wks which is def. not gonna pay for even a run down apartment much less starting a multi million dollar business!! So grades are def. important.

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    9 years ago

    Starting up businesses and investing in large amount of money do not always give you a positive result - otherwise parents would suggest their children to do that rather than going to school; there's an extremely small percentage of people who actually succeed risking. On the other hand, people who earn good grades tend to have a more stable and happy life, meaning they get an average-high income and still be happy. In addition, I believe that it is not a waste of time, since getting good grades somewhat tells that you're educated. Education was the reason why people thrived in the past, and it will continue to improve the standard of living nowadays.

  • 9 years ago

    Education is very important in life bcoz it gives you the basic tools you need to survive. It gives you a platform, a face saver incase you screw up big time in your life.

    Once you have graduated its totally upto you what best use you can make of these tools.

    Ofcoz, if you are talented enf then you will make millions with or without education.

    I believe that there are 3 kinds of ppl in this world:

    1> Those who play it absolutely safe. They never get anywhere in their lives.....unless ofcoz someone really gives them a kick on their back.

    2> Those who risk everything for what they believe in. These are maniacs call them extremists if may. They look spectacular when they make it but for the ones who fail the fall is just as shattering.

    3> These are the ones who take a balanced approach to life. They take what we know as "Calculated Risks". They may not be dare-devils but they are smart and know when to say "i quit". Some of them go on to be super achievers in their own right, some do good and others just make it thru but at the end i feel they seem to lead the most satisfying lives of the 3.

    With education you can become any one of these 3. But without it you are left with only one choice.....

  • 9 years ago

    certain people that can think of stuff to do dont need school. Im in college right now and have no idea how this stuff im learning is any diffrent than what i already know. I think the majority of people only go to college because they are scared of failure and its the next thing that will take 4 or more years of their life for them to figure out what they want to do. and i also hate school except for the social part

  • 9 years ago

    The problem with schools in the U.S. is that it allocates too much money and too many of its resources into teaching math and english and trying to teach trouble makers. It also puts too many resources trying to teach those that are mentally challenged or severely retarded, (ie. 1 teacher & 3 aides teaching 5 students; using a school bus to transport only 2 or 3 special education students). More needs to be allocated towards the average student and more resources need to be used into teaching real money financing & economics and real world job trades or skills.

    Most of those that have made a lot of money did in the business and financial world, very few with advance degrees make big bucks (multimillion's's) by working for someone else.

  • Getting good grades isn't a waste of time. Okay, the stuff you learn in school can seem really pointless, but who cares? You're increasing your knowledge, and how can that ever be a bad thing?

    I do get what you're trying to say though. Look at Richard Branson for example, he dropped out of school I believe and now look where he is!

    • I agree with you, but I think we've reached a point technologically where it is fairly easy to teach yourself. Elon Musk had no experience with rockets before he started SpaceX, but he talked to as many experts as possible and read as many books as he could. Now he is leading us to Mars.

  • 9 years ago

    You know, not everyone gets good grades just because they want a good job? I was never one of those person. I want to get good grades because I feel good in my heart when I see that I have accomplished something on my own. I earned my grade. I worked hard and that is the result of my hard work. Now, call me a nerd or whatever, but I'm proud that I NEVER EVER got a Fail in my report cards in my entire life. I slacked off sometimes and the worst grade I got was a C. I want to get good grades not because I wanna get a good job when I grow up (I'll think about it when the right time comes) but because I feel proud of myself when I get a good grade. I feel happy and good when I see my parents proud.

    And that is why I like getting good grades. I just got my report card and I got only two Bs and five As!!! :) Happy with it but will try to do better next year!

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