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從戰國以來,有20多個諸侯國和封建王朝修築過長城。最早是楚國,為防御北方游牧民族或敵國,開始營建長城,隨後,齊、燕、魏、趙、 秦等國基於相同的目的也開始修築自己的長城。秦統一六國後,秦始皇派著名大將蒙恬北伐匈奴,把各國長城連起來,西起臨姚,東至遼東,綿延萬余裡,遂稱萬里長城,這就是“萬裡長城”名字的由來。

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001, you use google translate!

I had already translate the words by myself!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Great Wall of China is on the great works of human civilization, which was founded in the Spring and Autumn Period 2,000 years ago. After the Qin Dynasty unified China, linked to form the Great Wall, Han and Ming dynasties was once a large-scale construction. Great Wall in northern China, east Shanhaiguan, west to Jiayuguan, total length of about 6,700 km, known as the Great Wall. Great Wall's construction lasted two thousand years, according to historical records, from the BC VII Jichu Guo building "party city" since the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644) a total of more than 20 countries and the feudal vassal dynasty built the Great Wall, which Qin , Han and Ming dynasties, three more than the length of the Great Wall 5 1000 km.

    From the Warring States period, there have been more than 20 countries and the feudal vassal dynasty built the Great Wall. Chu was first for the defense in northern nomadic or enemy, began to build the Great Wall, then, Qi, Yan, Wei, Zhao and Qin and other countries for the same purpose of the Great Wall began construction of its own. Qin unified the later, the emperor sent the famous Northern Expedition Hun general Meng Tian, to link the countries in the Great Wall, west Pro Yao, east to Liaodong, stretching thousand years, became known as the Great Wall, this is the "Great Wall" the origin of the name .

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