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Ladies, would girls like my interests?

I'm just curious, please explain your reason for liking/not liking each thing.

1. Volleyball

2. Guitar

3. Environmental Engineering

4. Tropical beaches

5. Kayaking and hiking

6. Water science and hydrology

7. Paranormal activity (not necessarily the movie)

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    1. Yes! love to play it...especialy on the beach ;)

    2. YES YES YES! Girls find it sexy when a guy can play the guitar. I dont know what it is about it, its just awsome.

    3. Sure. Girls are environmental engineers too right? I want to major in Environmental studies in collage anyways.

    4. Who doesn't love the beach?

    5. Kayaking is fun to do with other people. Girls who love the water love to Kayak. Hiking is alright, hard, but fun. Always good exercise to do.

    6. Science, once again, rocks (theres a little geology humor for you). but yea, once again, Why not? good conversation topics.

    7. Paranormal activity is....alright. Sorta freaky, but then again, questioning our existance is always a good converstaion. You really know you can talk to somone when you can talk about your belifes with them. It really defines a relationship, what two people can talk about.

    Good luck, you have perfectly good interests!!! You will find a smart girl that would love to be a vollyball playing, guitar listening, environmental engineer who works with water science and hydrology wile vactiononing in on tropical islands where you can kayak, visit the beach and hike, and have awsome converstaions aobut paranormal activity :)

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    10 years ago

    1. Volleyball - Love it. I play it, and it would be suuper awesome if a guy did.

    2. Guitar - I could never play that, but it would be cool if a guy did.

    3. Environmental Engineering - Sounds like something interesting, and I love the environment hahah.

    4. Tropical beaches - Love them and it would be fun to go with a guy.

    5. Kayaking and hiking - I like doing things like that, adventurous!!

    6. Water science and hydrology - Souunds interesting, I haven't done much with that before but it would be interesting to learn about.

    7. Paranormal activity - I don't knoww... Sorta creepy but sorta cool sometimes.

    Overall I think most girls would like most of your interests!! :)

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    From a guys perspective, don't choose your interests for someone else. You can make anything interesting if you want to. From my perspective, when I date a girl who has an interest that I don't get I get curious about it because of her passion for it.

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    2 be upfront and honest im only diggin 2 of your interests tropical beaches and guitar

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    1) volleyball is a fun sport all girls can play. and who doesnt enjoy wearing spandex?

    2) It's pretty to listen to, impresses girls like crazy too.

    3) Women love nature, you like it to, it shows your sentitive

    4) Who doesnt love that, honestly? its like paradise

    5) It's wonderful, nothing better than being outdoors.

    6) not much to say, really.

    7) scares the crap out of me, but its really cool :)

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    10 years ago

    Some of them. #3 and #6 are a little different but all together yeah :)

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