whats wrong with a 13 year old having an airsoft gun(pistol)?

Ok so i saw the movie The Bourne Identity and thought it was pretty epic how they used the guns in the movie. And also my friends have airsoft. My mom says once I get an airsoft gun ill want a paintball gubn and a real gun and i tried to assure her that i wont even want a paintball gun because i beeen shot wit a compact pistol airsoft gunm and it hurt like hell(in lack of a better word)(i ask him to shoot me to see if they reaaly hurt.. that one did). So aside from that fact tell me whats wrong with me having an airsoft gun. Also, I have two sisters and promise my mom i wont shoot them wit it but she still wont allow it so tell me her reasoning and why i cant have one please(i have Straight a's if that makes a difference)I just want one for fun and to shoot cans and whatnot and to make an epic video with my frined(without any ammo)

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    Your mom's reasoning is that of irrational fear. However, your motives do concern me- mainly how you want to get an airsoft gun to mimic The Bourne Identity. Airsoft guns are not toys- they look and function with enough realism that they have been confused for the real thing many times. People have used airsoft guns to commit robberies, some have even pointed them at police officers to commit suicide! Police have been taught to IGNORE the orange tip (a gunman once took advantage of this law and put an orange tip on a REAL firearm, which caused them to hesitate,) so I would strongly caution you against doing anything with an airsoft gun that you wouldn't feel comfortable doing with the real counterpart. I think the best route you can take here is to show your mother that you are responsible around guns. That should alleviate her concerns.

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    There are many stories on airsoft forums of people getting arrested for having an airsoft gun out in front of a cop, even on their own personal property. Some people have been killed because they had it out in front of a cop. If you have a property that you can go into your woods and do it, then it's no big deal (but Fishman's right about the motives, airsoft guns are not toys and can seriously injure people. If you think it's unloaded and go to make a video and shoot your friends in the eyes with it, then what? You have blind friends.), but if you're near a main road or live in a townhouse like me, then don't do it.

    Also, I have to ask your mom what's wrong with owning a real gun? (Legally with no criminal intent, of course) For self defense or target shooting (Even hunting, which I don't do but it's not illegal), there's nothing wrong with owning a pistol when you'r of legal age to do so and have all the right licenses and such.

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    the short answer.

    because you are 13, and going through puberty (everything on this line says "immature")

    As stupid as it sounds immature + replica firearm will get you shot by someone, or a cop...

    I'm 19, and i own an airsoft store, ive had airsoft guns since i was 15... Ive had real firearms for a year (my own)...

    I have all my guns in cases, etc...

    I have still been held at gunpoint by cops (at one point almost 15 police cars arrived)

    --seriously, all i was doing was walking into my house with them - in the cases!

    I have still had to answer stupid questions asked by stupid officers

    I have been pulled over and almost charged with things that i didnt do, just because i had airsoft guns in the vehicle (someone called 911 saying that someone (with a car matching my description) was pointing guns at people)

    Last year a 12 year old kid down the street stole an airsoft gun from my home... He was charged with a felony, not a misdemeanor (as it would have been if he had stolen a toy or something)...

    In all, wait a couple years till you grow up.

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