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Nano Reef Tank Cycling?

Well, ive finally saved up the cash! woot.

anywho, Ive been planning for a long time to start 4 Nano reef tanks.I may be a newbie (its my first reef tanks after all....saltwater for that but i have been doing research and saving diligently. Here are so far my specs for ALL of them.

DIY 10 gallon tanks (painted backside Patriot blue) x4

DIY Walmart incandescent hoods with modded Plexiglass cover and 2 20watt 50/50 Coralife compact Light bulb(painted White on the bottom to reflect light) x4

Koralia nano 425 powerheads x4

TAAM Rio Nano Protein skimmers x4

No Heaters since my house is always about 74 degrees and these compact modded lights run a little hot. (gotta buy some Mini Fans :D)

Now, my question is: how exactly should i start the tank cycles?

Should i go ahead to my fish store and buy RO water only and let that sit for a couple days? (i have some API master test kits) should i buy live or dead sand or live/base rock? When should i add a cleaning crew?

K thanks.



Ohhh.... Almost forgot to mention. These 10 gallon nanos will be racked up on an industrial Shelf.

I was wondering how i could connect them all to a sump???? and if a multi sump is even possible? Thanks

Update 2:

Also... does anyone know what kind of corals i could get away with other than softies in this lighting after the tank matures?

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    Wow 4 tanks! thats going to be a lot of money in maintenance. I think it would be better to purchase your own RO unit because it will pay for itself after a few water changes.

    Pre mix the salt water and make sure its at the proper specific gravity. Fill up the tank about a quarter full of salt water. and add the live rock. then continue to add the water until the tank is full. You can start running your filter now as well as add stress zyme or what ever bio media you choose. (this is how i did it by the way)

    Next day use a syphon to suck out all the debris that was created when you were placing the live rock. Now you can add the Live Sand. How i added it was that i cut a small hole in the bag and stuck the whole bag in the water and poured it in. By sticking the whole bag in the water you will minimize floating particles. after you add the sand you can fill the tank back up with freshly made salt water.

    MUST READ!!!! Since you are going to make them reef tanks, you must have the proper testing kits. Salinity, Ph, nitrates/ites, Calcium, Magnesium, Alkalinity. Every time you do a water change you must test these.

    I would appreciate it if you went to my forum and did some post there or upload photos so i can give you some more advise. theres a Nano Aquarium section where you can post about 10 gallon tanks.

    Coral wise you cant keep many corals other than soft corals with that type of light. Polyps, Mushrooms, Candy, Leathers. I'll post a direct link to the corals you can keep.

    Your sump idea would be very complicated to set up but i dont think it would be worth it because if one of your tanks develops a problem it could spread to the others because they are all connected to the same filter.

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    Let the tank cycle for 3-4 weeks before putting anything in it that is, coral, etc... I have no idea to the second question on how to hook it up to a sump, sorry. I think you should ask a salt water expert at a fish store. They would definitely know and show you equipment.

    Source(s): I worked at a pet/fish store when I was five years ago.
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