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What to do when Roommates steal your mail?

I ordered a few packages from amazon and am missing one. Tracking says it was delivered and put in the mail box. My roommates and I are not getting along and have already accused me of stealing from them (he misplaced a phone charger). (The roommate even called the landlord to complain about "lost" phone charger accusing me of stealing it.) I emailed the seller saying I have not received the sent package to which he sent me USPS confirmation saying it was delivered. Only me and one roommate have mail keys as the apt building has locked mailboxes. I'm pretty sure it was taken and thrown away or hidden. The landlord is upset with them as well. They are not good tenants and he is refusing to lease with them again. What do I do? Is there anything legal I can do?

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    I have trained in aikido for 14 years, I can fix the problem for you. wait you said anything legal!

    seriously though, within your description of the situation there seems to be no other possibility of the culprit. maybe you can have the landlord sit down with you and the roomie and just lay it out like there is a hidden camera around the mailbox/office area and that he was seen w/the package and he needs to fess up before you go to the police. tell him you realize the roommate situation between you two has not worked out for whatever reason, but he can just return the package and it will be forgotten, and lives out the remainder of his lease and everybody acts like adults and go on with their lives. P.S. let him know that tampering with mail is a federal offense and is a felony conviction!

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    I completely understand what your dealing with but mine is a crazy abusive man my mom married and me and my boyfriend are living with them. We are moving out this Tuesday but just now found out he's been stealing our mail, I noticed things missing: car payment, boyfriends check stub, he works graveyard so I got up this morning and looked around his stuff and found one piece of our mail in a folder next to his bed. I think the rest he might have tossed in the trash. So anyways I totally understand. I am looking at mail theft laws right now:

    This site is where you can report the mail theft, but it says on the form if you notified police. So I am not sure if you have to call the police and tell them, make a report or not. I might call my local police dept next and ask. I am not sure how far I am going to take this and if I can prove that he stole it. So I'm still trying to figure it out..hope that helps some. Good Luck

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  • Ty
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    what i would do = kick his ***

    what u should do = u can ask him to stop are threaten to sue him. opening someone elses mail is a very VERY delicate crime in the united states. so yes u can sue. and he can enjoy in jail

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  • kerri
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    3 years ago

    This is a good question, and one that has made me curious for quite a long time.

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    Perhaps, but I'm not fully convinced

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