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Would you be able to handle "picking up the pieces" after a plane crash?

What would that do to you as a person? Would it forever change who you are? How would you cope with something like that and how would you want the people close to you to help you cope?

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    I have picked up after a plane crash and even the most seasoned accident investigators puke at the sight of these events.

    "picking up the pieces" is a very apt description of the aftermath of a plane crash. The accident that I attended was a Cessna 172 that had flown into a forested area in the fog. Of the four young men on board I knew three of them because the aircraft was from the private strip that I worked at. The largest piece of aircraft we recovered was the engine crankcase and the largest piece of human remains we recovered was a 1/2 a jawbone.

    And this was a crash were there was no fire or explosion; the plane and the occupants were simply shredded and obliterated.

    The hardest part was when I accompanied the Police officer to inform the one young lads mother of his passing as she was a close family friend.

    How does one cope? At that time in my life I drank. And after the accident I drank a lot more until I sought professional counselling. I can't speak for the Government inspectors on scene but some of my coworkers refused to ever attend another one of these incidents and some left the flying industry. I also left the flying fraternity for about 20 years. I have since returned to flying privately but I have never sought out a pilots license.

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  • 10 years ago

    It would be hard but honestly, it would be like any death--difficult and a long road to recover.

    For coping, well, its different for everyone. Personally, I have no idea since no one I know has died. So. Yeah.

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  • 10 years ago

    Yes. Ultimately make me tougher. Yes. I would adopt the good old British 'Blitz spirit' and just get on with it & just be there for me.

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  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    I'd be able to "pick of the pieces" if I lived, certainly!

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