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how do i keep my dogs out of the trash?

so, i have a dog, that no matter what i do, he keeps getting in the trash. ive tryed the spray bottle, and that didnt work because he got used to it. my mom wont allow baby locks, and my family arent on top of things, so its up to me and only me to keep our dogs, no one else will help. i want to keep my dogs, but i dont know how to train them to not go to the bathroom in the house, and to train them to not go into any trashcan in the house..... PLEASE HELP!!!!

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    I've heard black pepper may keep a dog out of a yard from marking, you could try this in the trash cans.

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    What we do is supervise new dogs very closely. They are confined to our area which includes the kitchen with a baby gate. When they investigate the trash they get an "EH!" and brought back into the den and given a toy. We basically teach them to leave the trash can alone. Even after we trust them enough to leave them alone I always take the trash out. No need to tempt the innocent! :-)

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    Put the trash can on the counter where he cannot reach it.

    Use bungee cords to fasten the top on it so if the dog knocks it over, it won't pop open.

    Remind the parents that if the dog eats trash and ends up with an intestinal blockage, they'll have either a huge vet bill or the nightmare of the dog dying in agony at home. Makes baby locks seem much more logical, doesn't it??

    Housebreaking is easy; leash dog to you, when you see him squat, scoop him up and take him outside. At night, crate him.

    Good luck!

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    i know how that is. my dogs do it all the time! what i do is before i leave, i always put the trash can way up high somewhere where my dogs cant reach it. a counter top or table would work out. also getting a taller trash can that has a lid attached to it and has a foot pedal so that way you only have access to it would possibly work and it would possibly keep your dog out of it.

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    A covered trash can they can't get into is one way, taking out all the trash daily is another. Putting it behind a cupboard door is another.

    You deal with housebreaking by googling 'housebreaking a dog' online.

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    I keep my indoor waste basket up off the floor, out of reach for my two retrievers. Is there room under the kitchen sink where you can keep the waste basket?

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    I like Jenny's answer! I was going to say one word - CRATES! But she said it better. ;)

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