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What's the easiest way to get from Waltham Abbey to Bluewater shopping centre using public transport?

I want to visit some friends at bluewater shopping centre in kent and I live in waltham abbey which is in essex, I can only use public transport so buses or trains.

What's the easiest way I can do this journey?

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    Waltham Cross to Stratford (train); Stratford International Station to Ebbsfleet (train); Ebsfleet to Bluewater route 499 bus

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  • Megan
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    Public transport is a hot topic here. For years this city had busses all over, most rarely used. Other methods of transportation were put in like trolleys and like jitneys and bicycles and such and none really took off, some closed down, some still struggling since this is a tourist area. The bus remains, it's still clean, the cost has gone higher and it's mostly the poor that use it. A different kind of transport (actually there are 2) for the disabled and seniors and this system works with the county, on one the county pays for you if you're in that welfare bracket and on the other you pay a declining amount according to your benefits. Those with income ride the bus and can get discounted rates. The bugaboo is that even though the normal bus lines routes have been streamlined a few times not that many people use them, and especially aren't use them in this poor economy as job losses are high here. While all this is going on the government allows us the money for a speed train. We're up in the air as to if it would pay for itself or not. Probably not but it would mean jobs for a while till it fails.

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