Which movie do you like best.........JUNO or SEVEN POUNDS?

write a little review about them ......please and thank you


Which one do you prefer....write a little review about them please and thank you :)

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    Two entirely different movies from two entirely different film genres. "Juno" is more of a coming-of-age comedy, where "Seven Pounds" is more of a mystery/drama.

    It would be like comparing "Aliens" to "Steel Magnolias"!


    "Juno" was a pretty good film expressing the trials of an unwed pregnant teen who opts to find the perfect couple to adopt her baby. Where it was great to see Allison Janney and J.K. Simmons in comedic supporting roles, their presence was overcast by the overpaid typecasted efforts of Michael Cera as the baby's father, and the dark and still unsettling attraction between the protagonist and Jason Bateman's character. Ellen Page's Juno is quick-tongued, witty, freakishly understanding at her young age, and ultimately keeps you guessing what she's going to say next, which saves the movie from the abyss of the $5 bin at your local grocery store.

    "Seven Pounds" is a good film about a man who wants to donate his own organs to those who need them. A detail that negatively hit a lot of people, other than the fact that the protagonist was played by action-star Will Smith, was that he was searching for people who "deserved" his organs, a trait that would be best characterized if Jesus and Oskar Schindler had a lovechild. Of course, the protagonist's intentions get clouded when he falls in love with a woman who he finds needs a heart. Unfortunately, the supporting cast appear on the screen long enough for the audience to feel sympathy for them, but not long enough to appreciate the marvelous cast of actors or their dedication to their individual roles.

    Where the screenwriting abilities of "Juno"'s Diablo Cody shine light on a somewhat dark film, the uplifting and tense score of composer Angelo Milli does the same for "Seven Pounds".

    "Juno" director Jason Reitman, who is receiving more and more recognition as his works are being produced, is known for directing "Up In The Air" and "Thank You For Smoking", both simple-plotted films, but with great performances. "Seven Pounds" director Gabriel Muccino, who received acclaim for her biopic "The Pursuit Of Happyness" teams up again with Smith in the probable hopes that he receive another Best Actor Oscar nomination.

    In conclusion, "Juno" is a great movie, but much like "The Simpsons Movie", it is a stretched-out (but still scripted) version of MTV's "16 & Pregnant". "Seven Pounds" minus the whole identity mystery portions, is a great movie with an unfamiliar plot, a tear-jerker ending, and a moral that asks the question: how far would you go to save the person you love?

    My pick: "SEVEN POUNDS".

    Of course this is all my opinion, and it plus two cents won't get you down the street, but I do hope it helps you out a bit.

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    2 of my most loved movies.

    Watch Juno if you're in the mood for a bit of a laugh. The actors are all so good and the plot is smooth and injects just the right about of surprise and story to keep it going; the characters are easy to identify with.

    Watch Seven Pounds if you want a good cry. The actors are equally good and the plot has a lot of surprise. The plot moved me so much.

    10/10 for both, definitely worth making time to see both!

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    Juno is a smartly-made, snarkily written, funny and thought-provoking film with alot of heart and alot of laughs.

    Seven Pounds is a cliched, saccharine tearjerker that tries something new, but falls flat.

    Juno...by far.

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    i like juno best because it brings more comedy and it isn't sad accept for them giving up their child , 7 pounds is just a purely sad movie i loved the movie but it was very sad its 1 of those movies you never forget , such as king kong , myt joe young or titanic. but his is not as classic it lacks the amount of people in the movie. I AM THE TYPE OF PERSON THAT ONLY WATCHES A MOVIE ONCE AND I HAVE WATCHED JUNO MULTIPLE TIMES



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    Neither are very good.

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