TMI Alert: EWCM vs. Semen?

DH and I DTD on Wednesday night June 30th. We did not use protection because by my chart I was still 6-7 days from ovulation. The next day around 5pm when I went to the bathroom and wiped, there was a VERY stretchy whitish mucous on the TP. I put it between my fingers and it stretched almost 2-3 inches. Could that have been EWCM or semen? I am still learning here and am confused on the difference. Friday and today my CM has been clear and watery for the most part. Sorry about the TMI. Thanks for the help!

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    Some people say to give it a sniff, some say to see if it floats in a cup of water.

    I personally wait until after I've gone poo and then the next bathroom trip its usually not semen anymore.

    Its very confusing to tell semen from EWCM.. but also arousal fluid looks the same too.

    Its hard to tell sometimes.

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