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Siamese and another cat?

A couple of months ago, I rescued my Siamese Lucy as dog fighting bait. After a few months of watching her act with my mother in laws siamese mixes [she has 5!] me and my husband decided to get her a "friend".

Lucy is SPOILED, she is the light of our life! We decided to get another Siamese mixed breed a little younger than her. Lucy is 8 months old, and our new kitty-Jewel is 6 months old. We haven't had them over 24 hours and Lucy absolutely hates us now. Lucy refuses us to pet her and when we pick her up she screams. I loved her cuddly nature and my first question is: will she ever get back to being my loving spoiled rotten baby?

Jewel, being a playful little darling was also a rescue from our shelters "death row" will run and attack Lucy and antagonize Lucy to no end. I can't tell if Jewel is trying to play with Lucy or if she is trying to become dominant.We have attempted to keep them separated during their greeting, but they will fight if we keep one secluded through the doors, if we have them out in open space they are fine. It is just Jewel likes to run up on Lucy and Lucy obviously cannot stand that!

My second question is, what is the average time it takes for them to get used to each other, and thirdly what is Jewel doing and is there a way to avoid it.

Thanks for reading and have a good day.

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    There isn't a way to keep Jewel from doing this, and she's not doing something wrong. She's just being playful. :) It's not a dominant thing and as far as the pecking order goes, they'll sort that out on their own. The best thing to do with two cats is to keep them separated until they get used to smelling each other. Even if they've already been introduced, you can go back and start doing this. Having battles under the door is completely normal too and it's not something you should discourage. I'd keep the new kitty in a bed room for a few weeks and once or twice a day, put Lucy in the bedroom and let Jewel out for a few hours. This will let Jewel explore without bothering or being bothered by Lucy and Lucy can sniff around the bedroom. If they have a particular bed or blanket they each sleep on, every few days switch them. Again this helps them get used to each other scents.

    After a few weeks have gone by, do some slow, limited introductions. Having tasty food to distract them with or a toy they can play with together (like a feather on a stick deal or a laser pointer) that way they are near each other but not focusing on each other. Then after some time socializing send the kitten back to the bedroom.

    There is going to be a lot of sorting out the pecking order and playing going on when they finally do meet. Just to forewarn you, Cats playing looks an awful lot like cats fighting. There is chasing, growling, hissing, batting at each other, tackling and other antics. My cats do this at least once a day and it sounds like WWIII has broken out then after an hour they pass out in a pile licking each other. It's important to not interrupt them while they are doing this unless you see blood and fur flying. This is how cats play and get to know each other.

    It can be distressing at first but you have to let them go through the motions otherwise it's just going to take longer because it has to be done. It's how they learn each others boundaries. If one growls or hisses at the other they aren't being mean or malicious, try to let them be. It's cat speak. What you are looking for is if they are wrestling around and Jewel or Lucy has the other pinned, is that if the cat on the bottom makes a high pitched meow or squeal that the other cat stops biting or doing whatever it is she's doing. That high pitched meow is the cat version of crying 'Uncle' or yeilding. If the other cat doesn't stop and you need to intervene, the best way to do so is to have a can and fill it with pennies and shake it loudly. This will send them flying in opposite directions from each other. It keeps your hands safe from getting in the middle of it AND since it's an outside sound so they don't associate bad sounds or 'bad things' with the other cat. It's the safest way to separate kitties.

    Some cats get along right away, sometimes it can take cats months to start to tolerate each other. It just takes time so be patient. By going slow and keeping them separated it will go a lot more smoothly because by the time they meet face to face, they aren't as anxious around each other since they are used to smells and the others presence (even if they aren't face to face). Another good thing to do is to feed them on opposite sides of the door from each other. It stimulates a bit of bonding and they don't feel the need to guard food/territory. In time, they'll both mellow out.

    The two posts above me are wrong. Cats are very social animals and the best thing for a cat is often another cat. I'm a vet tech and have worked in shelters, rescues and have fostered for years and know for a fact that 'for every one that does, there are three that don't' is false. We frequently encourage people who are adopting to adopt two kitties if they can because they do best with another cat in the picture. I mean, think about it, how many people do you know that have more than one cat? Do all those cats hate each other? Siamese cats aren't an exception to this, where they get 'territorial' is with people. They often bond to only one or two people and are exceptionally loyal to them. One of my cats is Siamese and best buddies with our other three cats, even though she was the first one in the house. Same thing with the Siamese I grew up with.

    Good luck and try to relax. I'm sure eventually they'll be best buddies. Just give them their space and let them get to know each other, especially during those moments that might seem disconcerting. :)

    Source(s): This thread has a TON of great information from vets, rescue workers and pet owners for getting a new kitten and introducing it to an already existing cat, I highly recommend reading it: http://forums.somethingawful.com/showthread.php?th...
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    As far as Lucy and Jewel getting used to each other, it all depends on their individual personality.

    Regarding Lucy getting back to her old nature, you need to consider the possibility that it may never happen. Cats do not like other cats for the most part.

    Just recently there was a similar question about a 5 year old cat that needed cheering up because of the new kitten. The family had bought the kitten into the household last October and no one had gotten used to each other. Prior to that, some one asked a similar question only this time the length of time was longer than several months.

    For every cat that adjusts, there are three that don't.

    However, the fact you have two kittens may make you the exception. Leave both of them alone and don't discipline Jewel. Also do not insist on holding Lucy if she doesn't want to be. Let both of them work it out and unless the fight lasts longer than 15 or so seconds, stay out of it.

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    I have a Siamese (blue point female) who is now about 6 or 7 months. Me & my bf got another male kitten around the same time. Both kittens are around the same age. It took them a few days to get used of each other, but now their fine together. They run around, play, cuddle up with each other to sleep and they even groom each other. I've heard its best to introduce them at an early age and preferably around the same age to another cat. Once cats are older and you introduce a new cat they can be a bit aggressive because now they have a new cat invading their territory. I would think they would adjust after a few days with each other, but you never know. Well whatever you decide on, Good Luck! Siamese are great cats in my experience.

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    Kudos to you for rescuing the cats. I don't own a Siamese but when I was interested at one time in adopting a Siamese, the shelter asked it I had other cats or small children because I was told they don't do well will either unless the Siamese cats were raised together. I was told they can be very territorial and could be a problem for other pets in the house so I ended up adopting a different breed of cat.

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