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Poll: Britney spears or madonna?

I'll Additional details to show if britney got the most votes, or madonna.

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    MADONNA. She is the Queen of Pop. Sorry but Britney can't take that title from her because Madonna was and still is in complete control of her career. Madonna made herself and worked really hard to become what she is now. Britney is the opposite. She never really had complete control of her career and her mother helped to get famous ever since she was a little girl.

    Madonna has written some of her really popular songs like Vogue. Britney has barely written any songs at all. Madonna sings live and interacts w/ the audience. Britney doesn't sing live and during her Circus tour she barely talked to the audience at all. Madonna controls her world tours and makes them exciting. She hires dancers, comes up w/ ideas, and makes all of the songs new. She doesn't perform barely on songs on tour in their original form. She releases tour dvds w/ behind the scenes footage. Britney doesn't do that.

    Madonna inspired fashion trends and style in the 80s. Brit's image was always based on sex. Madonna's was too but in a different less obvious way. Madonna seems more real and she never lost herself to fame, but Britney did. Madonna always reinvented herself too.

    Don't get me wrong I love both of them but Madonna is just wayyyy better and more talented. Her songs, lyrics, albums, videos, tours, and dancing is way better. There will never be another Madonna.

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    I always liked Madonna's musical artists and instrumentalists better. Britney was always more attractive. I would still sleep with either of them.

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    female Gaga and Madonna have their very own kinds and are somewhat stressful to evaluate against one yet another, Britney Spears on the different hand has no style and subsequently shouldn't additionally be secure on your question.

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    It's like comparing Justin Bieber to Michael Jackson. Madonna is better by far. I know many people from my generation (I'm 26) and younger ones don't know much about her career, it takes time to know her complete work because its huge. But as soon as you get to know it, you'll realize why she is the Queen.

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    Madonna FTW

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    Madonna - don't compare a genius with a vessel

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    Madonna all the way.

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