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i need help understanding this knitting pattern...?

so im trying to knit a beret , but i don't really understand how to work with this pattern,


Head circumference: 20" (51 cm)

Materials: Lamb's Pride Bulky 125 yds/114 m per 4 oz/113 gr skein - 2 skeins. Color: M-260 Cafe au Lait.

Needles: 10.5 (6.5 mm) OR SIZE NEEDED TO OBTAIN GAUGE

Gauge: 10 st x 18 rows = 4" x 4" (10 x 10 cm) stocking stitch


Stocking Stitch:

1 row and all odd rows - knit sts

2 row and all even rows - purl sts

Fisherman's Rib:

Cast on even amount of stitches

Rows 1: *1 k, 1 p* repeat from * to *

Row 2: 1 k, yo, sl 1 (transfer stitch from left to right needle)

Row 3: 1 k yo and sl 1 from the prev row (knit together yo and sl st), yo, sl 1

Row 4: Repeat row 3.

Rib:1 k, 1 p


Cast on 52 sts (including edge stitches).

Rows 1-6: stocking stitch.

Row 7 - Eyelet row: 1k, *k2tog (knit 2 sts together), yo*, repeat from * to *, 1k.

Row 8: purl.

Rows 9-14: stocking stitch.

Row 15: Add evenly 12 sts. Continue on 64 sts.

Rows 15-50: fisherman's rib.

Row 51-54: rib 1k, 1p.

Rows 55-62: decrease evenly 12 sts in each odd row 4 times.

Cut yarn, leaving a 10" (25 cm) tail. Pull through remaining sts and secure.


Join back seam.

Fold the brim along the eyelet row and sew with invisible stitch.


when its says to do the "fishermans rib" in row 15-50 , does that mean do what it says underfishermans rib? or are you supposted to do the fishermans rib sepreatly and then combine the two ?! im so confused, can you just tell me the order to do everything? im soo confused , and if you do the fishermans rib in the middle then why does it say to cast on !?!?!?

heres a link to the actual pattern:

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  • 1 decade ago
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    The top part is only any explanation of how to do the stocking stitch and fisherman's rib. You just start the pattern by casting on 52 stitches. Then do stocking stitch for 6 rows (1 line knit and 1 line purl). Follow the instruction in the 7th row which explains how to do eyelets. Then you do purl one row and rows 9-14 you do stocking stitch (knit one row, purl one row).

    Row 15 you increase evenly across the row. I'm not sure how to do this but I think if you increase in the first and last stitch (2 sts. incr.) then every 10th stitch it would add up to 12 stitches increased.

    Do the fisherman's rib from rows 15-50, then do k one row and purl 1 row from 51-54.

    At rows 55-62, decrease the 12 stiches evenly every other row 4 times. I'm not good in math but that's the idea.

    Hope this clarifies this somewhat.

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  • Susan
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    1 decade ago

    The stocking stitch section and the fisherman's knit section at the beginning of the pattern are instructions that tell you how to execute those two patterns. Start where it says directions. Rows 15-50 will be the part explained as fisherman's rib.

    Source(s): Knitting for over half a century.
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